Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sex Club (Cowboy Sex 5) by Natalie Acres


Ansley Cartwell discovers new love interests while becoming a madwoman's target. Obtaining false information, Jordie Anne Colony, the perpetrator, threatens and pursues the wrong Cartwell. By the time Ansley's men discover who wants to kill her and why, Ansley is drawn into a deceptive web destined to bring pain and heartache to those close to her.
Confronting challenges and overcoming fears, Ansley finds a remarkable safety net in the arms of devoted lovers determined to protect her at any cost, but her boyfriends have a dangerous past and a deadly secret. With one fight barely behind them, Ansley and her men face another battle and a formidable opponent capable of destroying an entire family. And even though the jealous rage of one woman didn't send Ansley to an early grave, an assassin's bullet might.
  Reviewer:  Red Hibiscus

Wow! this one hot, sexy, scorching story. Ms. Acres knows how to write a steamy book. What I love about this book is the relationship between the Cartwell family. Ansley falls in love with 4 men: Graham, Elliott,  Tristan, and Bailey and they love her back. 

I love the way  Ansley pretends that she is not interested in seeing Tristan and how Tristan seduces Ansley. The chemistry between them is so hot and sexy. 

There's just two things that can destroy their relationship. One is a madwoman who is so obsessed with Ansley that she wants to kill her, due to her hatred towards Ansley’s sister, Trixie. And two, the  secret that Tristan and Bailey are trying to hide from Ansley. Tristan  and Bailey need to solve their problem and be truthful with Ansley. All  five of them must overcome this, so that they can have a happy life  together. 

I love the way Ms. Acres builds these 5 characters. I  can feel that the 4 men love her very much and will die to protect her from any harm. The reader can feel the closeness of the Cartwell family. They will protect their own. And I definitely recommended this book. 5  stars. 

Publisher: Siren Publishing                           
Source: Manic Readers


Destiny Blaine said...

Dear Red Hibiscus,

Thank you for taking the time to review my book. I’m thrilled you enjoyed Sex Club and hope to gain your nod of approval with the next Cowboy Sex installment.

Natalie Acres

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