Monday, July 2, 2012

Witches and Wolves (Witches and Wolves #2) by Saloni Quinby

Embittered by a bad relationship, Nate has sworn off romance. Then at his best friend's wedding he meets gorgeous werewolf Bruce Johanson. The two fall head over heels in love and everything is perfect until the appearance of Nate's estranged twin brother, Nick.

Nick had given up pursuit of his magical gifts to chase an ice skating career. He was a rising champion when he abruptly left competition and disappeared, running from a demon. Nick's undeveloped powers aren't enough to fight such a ruthless enemy. He has no choice but to go to his brother and hope they can put aside their differences long enough to fight this evil together. 

Fortunately an unexpected protector appears to fight by Nick's side. Bruce's pack brother "Big" Redd is captivated by the beautiful skater. He senses that Nick's bad attitude disguises hidden vulnerability and Redd is determined to protect him, no matter what the cost.

Reviewer: RedDragonfly 

Usually I start by summing up what I think of the 2 main characters,  which I'm assuming are supposed to be Nick and Redd, but to me this book seems to be split in two with 4 main characters, the other 2 being Nick's brother Jake, and Bruce. To be honest, I'm not a fan of this type of storyline. I wish Ms. Quinby had taken the time to write each brother's story in their own book.   

While it still is a good  story, I certainly wouldn't have chosen to read this book due to the  huge gaps of time in between the start, middle, and ending. If more information was given to fill in the blanks of both couples this would have been better. I wish the epilogue had more information on what was happening between Nick and Bruce while they were separated, after hearing ‘I love you’ and then propelling the story 2 yrs. into the future with no mention of any contact happening between. It  left me not believing that Nick would actually wait. There’s substantial missing material I feel the book needed in order to wrap up the story more believably. I give this book 3 stars. 


Publisher: Changeling Press
Source: Manic Readers


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