Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Walls Have Ears (College Fun and Gays, #3) by Erica Pike


Short and scrawny college student Harley Santos has a strange relationship with the guy on the other side of his bedroom wall. For weeks, the two have been masturbating to each other’s voices, but they have never met in person.

When Harley’s roommate (Ryan) is asked out on a date by one of his neighbors, Harley is devastated that his wall-mate mistook not-hot Harley for super-hot Ryan. Helping Harley through his heartache is Tasha Novokov, the other neighbor, who is tall, dark, and impossibly handsome.

When Harley’s affections shift to Tasha, his heartache hits an all time high because with all the girls hanging around, Tasha has to be straight.

 Reviewer: RedDragonfly

Harley is in his first year of college and is hoping to finally be able to get past second base, which in his small hometown was never the case. For the last month or so, that possibility was starting to look up because his next-door neighbor and he have been masturbating to the sound of the other’s voice. There are only two problems, the first he isn't sure which one of his two hot neighbors is the guy between the wall and the second turns out his roommate Ryan was just asked out by Devon, one of those hot neighbors. Harley quickly becomes heartbroken because clearly his wall mate thought that Ryan was him. When his other neighbor, Tasha and he start up a friendship, he finds himself confused because he thought that he was in love with Devon after all the time they spent between the wall together but Tasha is even more beautiful and they get along and Tasha actually wants to date him. 

This is the third in this series that I've read and so far I've enjoyed them  all a lot, like with the others I only wish this had been longer and would have liked Tasha to be fleshed out a little more as we only got small glimpses of his past. I really liked both Harley and Tasha and enjoyed that even when Harley was being either an asshole or a crybaby, Tasha still liked him. I also thought the misunderstanding between the two was cute and added a little drama but might have been a little unbelievable (I mean it could have easily been solved if either had mentioned what was on their minds). The only issue I had was at the beginning of the story; Harley mentions never having done anything with a guy before but later on he says he had fumbled around with guys a few times. Aside from that, I'm giving this book 4.5 stars and I'm looking forward to the next in this series. 

Publisher: No Boundaries Press                                         
Source:  Manic Readers 


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