Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tiger Mine by Angela Castle

Licking her wounds after ending a six-year marriage to a serial cheating husband, Julia has run away to her grandfather's house high in the Australian Mountains, hoping to fix the old neglected building up while she contemplates her future, only to discover a huge white Siberian tiger on her door step.

Tiger shifter Mohan has escaped, jumped ship and is in hiding from the hunter who has ripped him from his world and murdered those he loved, when a curvy Aussie woman turns up at the old house he’s managed to shelter in these past weeks. He offers his services as a builder by day, returning to her by night as a tiger. Despite the strong attraction he has trouble fighting, what he discovers in Julia is a new kind of warmth and kindness he is in desperate need of.

Julia knows her gorgeous Russian handyman is harboring dark secrets, but can her heart stand falling in love and losing again?

Can they help each other mend the deeper issues which plague their lives? And bring hope of a new future. Or will Mohan’s past hunt him down and tear the new fragile bond between them?

 Reviewer: Dolce Amore

Since divorcing her cheating husband after six years of marriage and  having enough of the pitying look in her friends' eyes and the continued  condemnation from her mother, Julia Cooper wants a quiet place where she can decide what she will do from now on. So she goes to the old farmhouse up in the Snowy Mountain Ranges left to her by her grandfather. 

But, the place isn't empty; tiger shifter Mohan hides there. And when she sees that the huge tiger, instead of eating  her for dinner steals her dinner, she gets curious. 

"You know, that was my dinner. If you're that hungry, you could have asked."
"Now,  remember, I'm not food but a friend. I really love cats, and you're the  most beautiful big cat I've ever seen. Please don't eat me."

When Mohan discovers that she plans to hire a person to help her fix her grandpa's old place, he decides to be man during the day and tiger during the night. 

When real estate agent John Leeman thinks that: 
Julia Cooper was a means to end his long running debt, and her wealth would set himself up for a good future

… and blackmails her for money if she doesn’t want to reveal that she is harboring an illegal immigrant. That makes Julia decide to pull every string she  can to make Mohan a legal resident of Australia. 

When they  thought that they finally left the past behind and are married, they  discover that John Leeman had being in alliance with the very man who killed Mohan’s loved ones and now is coming for him. They have to fight for  their survival. 

I loved the book! Although the humor appears  mainly in the first part of the story (it will make you burst into  laughter every couple of pages), the writer keeps the same amazing style along the entire book. Here are some lines I love most from it: 
It felt surreal. Who shared their bed with a white tiger? Well, obviously crazy, divorced women did.
Mohan,  with a new driver's license in hand, asked to borrow her car. She  smiled and nodded, jokingly telling him not to run too many people over.
Ms. Angela Castle created wonderful, deep, and credible characters and I bet that at least one of you will fall for Mohan, I loved him too. As always, she keeps the reader’s attention rapt until the last  word. So 5 stars for the book, it deserves this and more.

Publisher:  Rogue Phoenix Press
Source:  Manic Readers


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