Saturday, July 21, 2012

Public Relations by Jade Falconer


Daniel and Martin are co-stars in a hot new gay TV series. But Martin is straight, and Daniel is hopelessly in lust with him.

When they finally have their first onscreen kiss, the network hopes to boost ratings by having Daniel and Martin seen together in public.

But will those public displays lead to more erotic private ones?

 Reviewer: Reddragonfly

For such a short story, I really enjoyed this one! Usually with shorts everything is rushed, and you lose touch with all the feelings and  emotions between the characters. But I loved Daniel and Martin together! 

Daniel and Martin are co-stars in a new gay TV  series that seems to be breaking ground quite nicely! Their  characters are great friends, however Daniel has this major crush on  Martin, and the only problema … Martin is straight. They are getting ready to  share there first on screen kiss; needless to say Daniel is a bit  nervous … but then Martin comes in to help break the ice. I really like  the easy communication Martin and Daniel seemed to have with each other,  very relaxed and playful, not to mention … HOT! 

They are  approached by their PR guy ( who is a rather sleazy, slimy jerk ), asking them to create a publicity stir by going out for drinks, holding hands, going dancing, whatever it takes, just as long as they are out together. The bantering  back and forth between Daniel and Martin is great, hilarious even. They  are so cute together! One thing leads to another, and things start  heating up deliciously! And now it seems Martin might not be as straight as we have been lead to believe, because he’s crushing on Daniel big  time! I would have loved this to be even a little bit longer, but maybe  we’ll get lucky and a sequel will appear, so we can see how their  relationship progresses. 

I give this 4 stars. It’s hot, sexy, and fun; it really can’t get much better than that! 

 Publisher: Phaze
Source:  Manic Readers


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