Sunday, July 1, 2012

Brass Knuckles And Silk Sheets by Vic Winter

Rich kid Swift runs into a trio of thugs walking home one night, literally, and they're planning on taking their pound of flesh in retaliation. Before they can really go to town on him, though, a homeless man comes to his rescue.

Wanting to return the favor, Swift invites the man, Foster, back to his place for a shower, a meal and possibly more. Can these two seemingly disparate men find common ground in each other?

Reviewer: RedDragonfly
Swift  is a rich boy who is no longer living at home and is trying to live a normal every day average life that means no driver, servants, or bodyguard. Only  problem is one night he's walking home and not paying attention to where  he's going and runs into a guy who along with his 2 friends decides to teach Swift a lesson for running into him. Along comes Foster, who is currently homeless due to his PTSD, is not only huge but a trained fighter, and helps rescue Swift. Swift soon offers Foster not only a hot shower and place to stay for the night but also a job as his bodyguard and permanent place to live with him.  

I really liked this short story by Vic Winter, it was cute. And Swift's character was very well developed for a short story. I would have liked to learn more about Foster's past but with this story only being 18 pages long that makes it  pretty hard. I also liked that even though Swift was a foot shorter and  not nearly as muscled, he ended up being the top the first time they had sex, in most stories the smaller man is always the bottom. The only  thing that I thought was weird was not once did they mention brass  knuckles or silk sheets, I get that it was referencing Foster military background and Swift being rich but I thought that it was a little weird given that those two elements are in the title. I'm giving this story 4 stars and I'd read more about these two  if any additional stories get written about them.   

Publisher: Torquere Press
Source: Manic Readers


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