Monday, July 30, 2012

For His Eyes Only by T. C. Archer


Jesse Evans is the most wanted woman in the world. She must prove she didn't sell out the elite Special Ops team she sent into a Colombian village to rescue a little girl, or her sister dies. Only one man can save them both. But he isn't who Jesse thinks he is.

 Reviewer: Dolce Amore

Jesse Evans loves her sister and her country; that’s why she will do whatever it takes to protect them. For this reason, she starts work as an elite Special Ops. As a recon specialist, her job is to get the team in and out of missions safely. 

 It’s not easy work, and when her mission to save a senator’s daughter goes terribly wrong, she realizes that there is a leak and it's one of her bosses. So her mission ends with the death of her informant, the whole team that worked on it, and the girl. 

However, there was a survivor … the Team Leader, Cole Smith.

Tagged as a traitor, Jesse will do whatever it takes to clear her name and protect her sister back in the states from the real traitor and find the mole who sold her troops out to the drug lords. Cole has been trying to track her down, wanting to convince her he’s on her side. Their mutual boss wants a resolution to the problem fast and doesn’t care who takes the fall to do so. He’s already thrown Jessie under the proverbial bus and, as far as he’s concerned, there’s still room for Cole beside her.

Together, Jessie and Cole search for evidence connecting Amadeo Perez, a Columbian  drug lord, with Robert Lanton, their boss. When she finally thinks she's got him, she discovers that nobody and nothing is as it should be … friend, enemy, or situation. 

I didn’t like the book … I loved  it! Yes, I know, I shouldn’t be surprised after reading the previous  books of T. C. Archer, but I am. Although suspense is not my favorite  genre, I had to read it. T. C. Archer has turned into one of my  favorite writers. From the first word until the last, I was held captive by the story. The action moves fast and there are many twists, forcing you to get lost in the book, living it along with Jesse. 

Jesse Evans is a strong, merciful,  and loving woman, who will do anything for justice. She teams with Cole  but she doesn’t trusts him, especially after she has proof that he was  working for Lanton. But she works with him because she knows he has to  find the one who caused the death of his men. A wonderful well-written  character, I experience with Jesse every emotion, hope, and concern she felt. 

My only complaint is the Spanish words added to enrich the story. I speak Spanish and I may say that most of them are wrong. For that reason only, I give it 4.5 stars. 


Publisher:   Set Publishing
Source:  Manic Readers


T. C. Archer said...

Dolce, you're a peach. We're so glad you liked the book. As for the Spanish, you know what? I (Shawn) am from Texas, and I used Mexican Spanish. Shame on me! I know better. Juanita would have spoken Castilian Spanish.

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