Monday, July 30, 2012

Haunting the Wolf (Spellbound For Love #2) by D. McEntire

A child who grew up in an abusive home, Becca Glass couldn’t believe she’d followed in her mother’s footsteps. A night of violence by her live-in boyfriend pushes her over the edge. A leap from a bridge into rushing waters takes her life, but gives her another return—a ghost walking the earth, unseen and unheard.

Having the itch to travel, David Corbin sets off on a road trip, but his trek takes a major detour after a werewolf attack changes his life forever—forced to seek solitude each full moon.

When David buys a farmhouse in which to lock himself away during the change, he finds the house is not entirely empty. A beautiful woman, a ghost, who seems corporeal only while in the house has his heart locked in a battled. In solid form, she is in danger. But, he can’t ask her to leave.

 Reviewer: Dolce Amore

Before the high school seniors move away and start their adult lives, Rachel, Becca, Tess, and Mindy cast a love spell. In the previous book (Hunting Jaguar) in this series, Spellbound For Love, Rachel finds her happiness with Tumi, a shape shifter jaguar. 

Years pass. Now it’s Becca’s turn … only Becca left a violent boyfriend and leapt from a bridge into rushing wáter and drowned. Becca Glass is now a ghost. She is occupying an abandoned house. No one can see her. However, the new occupant of the house can. David Corbin,  turned werewolf several months ago, and he can see, touch, and love her. When the one who turned him into a monster comes and in a jealous frenzy tries to kill Becca, can David succeed in protecting her? Can there be a HEA for a ghost and werewolf?

It was an  interesting story, full of imagination … can a woman die twice and keep living? Although the concept is a little strange, Ms D. McEntire made  it entirely credible. I will give 4 stars. Next up in her series, Jaguar Frisking.

Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing
Source:  Manic Readers


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