Friday, July 27, 2012

Mohegan (Native Instincts) by India Jackson

1950′s, in a small town in Oklahoma, rich boy Henry is used to getting what he wants, when he wants. But when what he wants is a man from the nearby reservation, a place of which his father strongly disapproves, what he wants proves for once to be difficult. And when that man proves to be a Lycanthrope with a dark past and savage nature, what he wants proves to be almost completely out of reach…

 Reviewer: Purple Rose 

What a surprisingly, interesting story! At first I was unsure what to think, what with the historical aspect, but it was a truly pulling story! I really enjoyed the fact that the Lycanthrope and werewolves were a bit more on the savage side, with just a sweet touch of loving for their  mates. 

I  enjoyed all the characters, even the side characters. Mohegan had this aggressiveness and rough sexy attitude.  Henry's infatuation with Mohegan was delightful; he was strong willed and well suited for Mohegan, he calmed him down. Jake had great loyalty to best friend or soul brother Henry, as he came to understand his love for Shuey. Shuey had great loyalty to  Mohegan, always trying to protect his alpha, even as he held fast for Jake. Yet they all worked together looking out for each other in their own ways. They all helped to bring the story alive. The plot was gripping and the sex scenes scorching hot!! The only issue I have is the ending: with how detailed the rest of the story was, I was a bit disappointed  with the rushed ending. I look forward to the followup in A Native Valentine which came out in February.

I give this 4.5 stars. Aggressive, sexy, and most certainly hot! Definitely Recommended!

Publisher: Less Than Three Press
Source:  Manic Readers          


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