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Make Me Burn (Bringing the Heat #2) by Avril Ashton


It’s been months since Wes Dumont laid eyes on Jayce Santana. Since Jayce kissed him and then left town without a word. Wes tried hard to put the tattered pieces of his heart back together, but another failed relationship makes it clear he’s nowhere near over Jayce. Now Jayce is back, once again tilting Wes’ world on its axis and setting his blood boiling. All the anger and resentment doesn’t hide the hunger, but Wes has been burned before and he’s grown wary of Jayce’s intentions.

Jayce has been running, from Wes and himself, denying the future he sees in the depths of Wes’ eyes. His past still haunts him, but he’s back, ready to fight. Ready to claim Wes the way he should have. Only Wes isn’t making things easy. Both men just may go up in flames before Jayce convinces Wes he’s playing for keeps.

 Reviewer: TigerLily

I’m going into this realizing I should have read the first book Make Me Sweat, but as I’m not much of an M/F reader so I decided to skip it. I was still very interested in the plot of this story. 

Could one kiss sustain the feelings of lust, and possibly love—even when the 2 people haven’t seen each other in 6 months? 

Wes Dumont wanted Jayce Santana from the first moment they met. (which occurs in the first book, Make Me Sweat). Wes figured since Jayce would barely look at him without glaring, he was sure the attraction wouldn’t go anywhere, convincing himself that Jayce hated him. That is, until Jayce kisses Wes in the chapel room at the hospital! ( Ever, Wes’s best friend from the first book, is rushed to the emergency room after being sliced in the throat. I’m guessing this happened at the end of the first book? It was very confusing for me as I didn’t read the first book.)  However, I did find Wes to have been a bit on the whiny and judgmental side. He was so quick to assume the worst, instead of waiting to get the straight truth. 

It’s not until 6 months later that Jayce stumbles back into Wes’s life. The heat, the need, the uncontrollable lust still burns after all this time, but why wouldn’t it? Wes never really got over Jayce and his domineering attitude. It still makes Wes weak in the knees. The hurt, though, from the abrupt disappearance is just as strong and still very present. 

I like how Jayces need for Wes is so strong it surrounded him, almost drowning him in his effort to make Wes his at last. Jayce goes after Wes demanding he be his in an almost animalistic way. But after being gone for 6 months, Wes is confused. Does Jayce hate him or like him? (At times I felt Jay’s aggression to be almost too much, it bordered to close to hate. The way Jay hated how much he wanted and needed Wes made me question why his need was so strong. At the same time Jayce didn’t know how to make Wes his, or show Wes how much he needed him. 

Each time they got together it’s as if an explosion went off around them. Very hot! And at times I found it on the forceful side, too rough. As if the bordering hate vs. love line got blurred together. The first actual sex scene between them left me with mixed feelings. It was hot and yet too rough at moments for my taste. The whole 'I’m going to take you without lube to make sure you feel me and know it’s me,' was a big turn off. And than Jayce did have his moments where he was gentle, caring, and loving with a mix of sweet aggression. Those moments were very hot! 

With these two, it like every step forward is also a step back; they can’t seem to stop themselves from picking fights with each other. Whether it’s about the man Wes turned to (Dominic Scotto) in his desperate need to forget the hurt of Jayce leaving him six months ago. Or why Jayce left him they way he did all those months ago, heartbroken. 

Then we get a surprise that deals with Jayce. Seems he’s been hiding a secret that could just about ruin everything. It is also a pretty predictable secret you can see it coming. So it wasn’t much of a shock, for me—unfortunately. 

I give this 3.5 stars. It’s a good story, a bit on the angst side.

Publisher: Evernight Publishing                         
Source:  Author provided for review


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