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The Macgregor's Daughter by Dee J Julian

In 1776 England, American born Anadreya Macgregor is branded a spy by the arrogant Marquis of Canderlay. Despite her pleas of innocence, he refuses to listen and has her imprisoned. Aided by the Scottish father she never knew, Dreya escapes to Dragon's Breath Castle.

Five years later, the laird is missing and a badly injured Frenchman washes ashore. Dreya is wary of the blind and amnesic man, though something about him is hauntingly familiar. Is he an ally or a ruthless mercenary who stumbled upon her father's smuggling activities?

The stranger's vision and memory gradually return and Dreya discovers her fate and the continued existence of her clan might very well be in his hands. As the web of deception binding them together unravels, both are in danger of losing everything. Including their hearts.

 Reviewer: Dolce Amore

While Anadreya Richardson, Dreya for short, is trying to escape the tower, she  comes across Lucian Sebastian Spence, the Marquis of Canderlay, the very man who had her arrested for treason just because she sent a letter to America, warning her family they were about to be invaded. 

Five years later, Dreya meets Lucian again and saves his life. Now Macgregor, she has taken the name of her true father and lives in Scotland. She doesn’t remember him, he has amnesia, and he is blind. This is just a little part of the conversation they have after he finally wakes up:

“Have you any children, monsieur?”

 “A strange question, mademoiselle. Are you offering your services?”

 “Certainly not, but I swear if you do not release me, you’ll lose any chance of a future heir.”

Without knowing who he is, Dreya is calling him a pirate. 

 “Let’s compromise, shall we? You stop addressing me as pirate, and I’ll consider treating you like a lady.”

“Why should I trust you?”

 “Mon Dieu, such a stubborn woman.” He shifted both her wrists into one hand before he seized her chin with the other. “But I don’t mind at the moment. In fact, I’m retracting my offer of a compromise.”

He planted a kiss upon her mouth. Dreya sank her teeth into his lower lip. “You little vixen—”
“Do that again and I’ll slit your throat while you sleep.” 

 “No, mon amour, I’ll not sleep with you in my bed.” He had the audacity to offer a full grin. “Nor will you.”

 Appalled, she jabbed her knee into his sensitive area.

The man who blew up Lucian’s ship and almost killed him is searching for him as well as for Dreya’s father who has been helping the colonies. 

This is a wonderful book for the historical romance lovers! I totally love the main characters and the relationship between them. I added some samples, aren’t they great? It deserves the 5 stars I rate it. 

Publisher: Wild Child                          
Source:  Manic Readers


Dee Julian said...

Thank you, Dolce, for the lovely review. You would not believe how long this first book took me to write or how many revisions (from me, not an editor) it went through. So glad you enjoyed it, and I hope you will post both reviews on Amazon.

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