Friday, July 27, 2012

Forest of Fenris (Legend & Lore #1) by T.T. Kove

Never bet against a dark forest filled with monsters…

Desperate for the approval he hopes it will gain him, Mihai accepts a challenge from his brother: Venture into Fenris Forest, and retrieve a leaf from a rare tree to prove he did it. Though he has been warned to avoid the forest and the monsters that fill it all his life, Mihai’s longing for approval trumps his fear. Mihai soon realizes, however, that it is his fear he should have heeded. Just as victory seems within his grasp, he is attacked by warg, the most dangerous beasts in the forest. Alone and helpless, Mihai resigns himself to being just one more person who went into the woods and never came out—

Until he is saved in the most unexpected of ways.

 Reviewer: RedDragonfly

Mihai's village is on the edge of the forest of Fenris, a dangerous place that nobody has ever returned from after entering. Mihai's brother dares him to enter and pick some rare silver leaves from a tree growing someplace inside the forest. Because he wants to impress not only his  brother but his brother’s friend, Flynn Mihai decides to try. After finding the tree and picking 3 leaves, Mihai is attacked by 3 wargs  (large wolf-like creatures), only to be rescued by a fourth warg that fights off the others. After Mihai returns home, his brother soon attacks him and he is once again rescued by the same warg from before.  When Mihai awakes from the attack he meets Garrick, who it turns out is the warg and Garrick takes him back to his village which is hidden inside  the forest. The two also discover troubles in Garrick's village and once  again have to head out into the forest of Fenris in search of help. 

I really enjoyed this story. For being a short novella, it sure had a well developed plot and great world building and descriptions. The romantic relationship between Mihai and Garrick took second place to the struggles they were facing and could have used a little more development,  but really, it wasn't needed to make this a good book. The only qualm I had with this story was that Garrick's childhood friend Brand had some sort of secret he was keeping from Garrick that held the reason they stopped being friends but it was never explained but mentioned a couple  times. I would have liked  to have actually found out about that, it's implied it had been because of his father but later it's implied it might have something to do with the fact that Brand has magical abilities and the warg village looked down on magic. Aside from that, I enjoyed this story and I'm giving it 4 stars. 

Publisher: Less Than Three Press
Source:  Manic Readers          


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