Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Connections (Courting) by J. Rocci


This Christmas is going to be a special one for Officer Josh Dabbs and his husband Garrison Williams: For the first time, they're sharing the holiday with their children, Henry and Gabriella. Of course, this being the Dabbs-Williams household, there are crazy dogs, visits from the in-laws to prepare for, and the uncertain waters of parenthood as Gabriella tests her boundaries. But Josh and Garrison have each other, and their family and friends, and a house full of love, so the holidays will be perfect.

 Reviewer: RedDragonfly

This short story from Torquere Press is about Garrison and Josh, who are an already established couple. The story starts out with them waking and having sex. This sets up the rest of the book in a bad light for me, we don't know anything about these two (besides that they are married) and the first thing we learn about them is sex. For me I just couldn't get into  the story after that. I also haven't read any of the other books in this series (I actually didn't know it was part of a series called Courting until after I finished it, nowhere does it say it's book five in the series) so maybe if I had read the others I wouldn't have had a problem with the beginning. I also didn't like the third person point of view, which is clearly just a personal preference, but I always have a harder time connecting to characters in third person, so for a short story I just didn't think it worked. 

I'm giving this book 3.5 stars because I did like it some, I just wish I had known more about this family before I picked up the book. 

 Publisher: Torquere Press            

Source:  Manic Readers


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