Sunday, July 22, 2012

Grade-A-Sex Deal (College Fun and Gays #2) by Erica Pike


When College professor Daniel Corrigan was brutally kicked out of his home after revealing his true sexuality to his wife, he had to make a whole new life for himself. For the first time in two years Daniel’s main heartache isn’t the none-existent relationship with his two kids, but the fact that the grade-A-sex deal with his student Troy Anderson is about to expire. After a whole semester of office fun, Troy has managed to squeeze his way into the core of Daniel’s soul. Daniel, however, is positive he’s nothing more to Troy than a teacher who can modify a grade.

 Reviewer: Reddragonfly

Two years ago Daniel lost both his job and family, when he came out to his wife of seventeen years. In the interim, his kids have abandoned him, his wife took all the money in their divorce, and he’s feeling depressed and hates his life. Now working as an economics teacher at the university his step-brother runs, he is miserable and tries to make life hell for his students. One of the perks that he has with his job is trading grades for sex with many of his male students. Troy is one of those students but the only problem for Daniel is that over the last few  months, he's told all his other lovers he's not interested anymore because his feelings have grown more and more for Troy. This might not  be a problem, except Troy behaves flippantly, telling him again and again about the other teachers he trades sex for grades with and the other young lovers he has and with the ending of the semester right around the corner (as well as the end of his arrangement with Troy) Daniel thinks  his time with Troy is over. 

This is the second in Erica Pike's college series that I've read and I enjoyed this one just as much as her first. The sex scenes in this novella were off the charts hot and she mixed in just the right amount of sappy sweetness in with it. I really liked reading this story from Daniel's point of view, because, although he is doing something slimy to his students, you couldn't  help but feel sorry for him and the life he now led. Troy seemed to be the perfect person for him; he is there when Daniel needs him and at other times would tease him just to see if Daniel actually did care about him. The ending was sweet but also left open so the author could easily write a sequel, which I hope that she one day does. I'm  giving this story 4.5 stars. 

 Publisher: No Boundaries Press

Source:  Manic Readers


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