Thursday, July 5, 2012

Joe Gallant by Adrianna Dane


Joe Gallant, playboy racecar driver, a man headed down the path of self-destruction. If there was one man Joe despised, it was Harper Morgan, his billionaire father Aaron's best friend--and secret lover. Even though Harper's dead, Joe still can't forgive all the secrets and lies that destroyed his family.

Now, years later, when Roberto Morgan, Harper's stepson, shows up in Laredo, hired by Aaron to represent Joe in several endorsement contracts and to keep him out of trouble and out of the tabloids, Joe is not a happy man. Unfortunately, after Joe's last headline-making car accident, he doesn't have a choice. Roberto Morgan, suave up-and-coming Dallas attorney, on the fast track to prominence and success.

Rob isn't pleased about being sent to south Texas to babysit Aaron Gallant's roguish son, a man he's never met in person. But Rob's no fool--Aaron, his stepfather's best friend, possesses many important connections potentially beneficial to Rob's career. Aaron is the only other man Rob reveres as much as he did his stepfather. There seems no choice but to accept Joe Gallant as his newest client. Secrets, lies, and a combustible attraction. Rob is determined to keep things on a professional footing. But the moment he meets Joe, he realizes keeping his distance is easier said than done.

Sparks fly and an undeniable attraction ignites between the two men, until a shocking revelation turns blistering tensions on their head and alters everything Rob thought he knew. Can Joe find forgiveness in order to see the man who just may be his savior in a different light? The fathers may have gotten it wrong, but can the sons get it right without losing their one chance at discovering happiness and love?   
 Reviewer: WhiteDaisy

Rob Morgan is a young promising lawyer. He is hired by Aaron Gallant,  chairman of Gallant Worldwide, to get Aaron's son Joe Gallan, to sign an  important contract with GWER. Rob had only basic informations about Aaron's son. Joe was supposedly heavily into speed—fast cars, fast  lifestyle, fast men, in particular. 

The starting point of this story was clean and basic. Rob knew of Aaron Gallant only from his stepfather Harper. Harper Morgan was a lawyer for the Aaron Gallant firm. No one knew they were secret lovers. Because Harper loved Aaron, he accepted everything Aaron wanted from him. Harper even married a woman for Aaron. Even while being married, they never parted their ways. Harper married Rob's mother just for Aaron's sake as a cover up. Rob  was never aware of this arrangement, because Harper died before he could tell the truth to Rob. As such, Rob always felt the need to be accepted  by Aaron's inner circle, for his stepfather's sake.  

 As a reader, I didn't feel or understand the instant attraction between Joe and Rob. I couldn't even get it, because the first time Rob saw Joe, he was nearly naked on a couch, being sucked off by his best friend Dev! Joe and Dev were best friends and both racers. They were talking and watching a race. Dev was troubled, because his lover Eli was pushing him away and Joe tried to console Dev. Dev wanted sex from Joe, even if they both  knew it was Eli that Dev really wanted. 

The emotions in this story were bland and empty. Sure I could get Joe's anger, but everything simply didn't stick. Joe hated Harper for a long time and from this point of view didn't want to like Rob as Harper's son. I liked how Rob saw Joe as "Bitter, beautiful, wounded, self-destructive Joe.".  

So from  this point of view, I didn't really like the story. The story could have been deeper and richer, but I did like how it ended. Rob and Joe had first to find themselves if they wanted to build a relationship in the future, away from their fathers' pasts. This part was enjoyable and good. I'm giving this 3 stars.  

Publisher: Amber Quill Press
Source: Manic Readers


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