Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fade Into You by Lanie M Barnes

Stacia Raines knows all about the price of falling in love. After a tragic accident leaves her with a bleeding heart, Stacia flees to the other end of the country in hopes of finding a life far away from the cornfields of the Midwest. Out for a night of fun, she meets the dark and mysterious Kael Loren and in no time, she's swept off of her feet by an intense passion that leaves her breathless. They say that true love never dies, but what if it does? Can a broken heart be so easily mended?

Kael knows the moment he meets Stacia that she’s the only one for him. No other woman has ever brought him to his knees before by simply the look in her eyes. Yet he’s unsure how to explain his feelings for her without revealing his darkest secret. When trouble arises on the wings of the ghost of lovers past, Kael is forced to compete for the heart of his mate. Luckily for him, when it comes to fighting dirty, he’s not all talk. He’s all bite.

 Reviewer: Dolce Amore

Nine months after Stacia Raines breaks up with her boyfriend Mac, he dies, breaking her heart. So she moves to New Orleans. There she finds  her new best friend, Josselyn Chasseur, and her true love, her best friend’s brother, Kael Loren. 

Kael knew from the first touch that Stacia is his mate and he will do anything to have her. But when  someone calls her using the cell phone of her dead boyfriend and she is kidnapped with a ransom demand, will he be able to save her? And when Mac helps save her, will her new love be strong enough? 

The  storyline is good but Ms. Lanie Barnes’ style of reveal made it a little artificial and unreal. I never understood why Stacia broke up with Mac if she loved him so much. All that was mentioned in the story he is supposed to be a man who wasn’t ready “to play house” yet. 

I also didn’t liked how easily Stacia and her brother Austin accept the existence of vampires. Stacia finds out a few days after she meets Kael for the first time and Austin in the same day he  meets Kael and his sister. And Mac, well, coming back from the dead … it  made me think of some serial feature. Now I’m playing death, now I’m living … it  added more falseness to the story. 

However, like I said before, the storyline is involving. And the book is good. For being her first book published, I think Ms Lanie Barnes did a pretty good job with her debut novel and I will rate this book 4 stars. 

Publisher:  Rebel Ink Press
Source:  Manic Readers


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