Monday, July 9, 2012

White Lightning by Adrianna Dane


In Kentucky, where loyalty means everything, secrets and disloyalty can kill, Linc, the son of a mountain moonshiner, and Whit, the son of the local banker, had dreams of a future together far from the Kentucky hills. But one dangerously foolish act culminated in Linc's need to make a painful decision in order to protect his secret lover. Whit left, and the years have made Linc a hard, dangerous, and lonely man.

When Whit left for college, they’d made a promise to each other. Whit would have stood by Linc no matter what, but Linc shut him out. Years later, a successful New York entrepreneur, love still eluded Whit. Those very hills and the memory of his Kentucky lover called him back to find closure, one way or the other.

Whit couldn’t have picked a worse time to return to Kentucky as a murderous war was about to erupt. Moonshine and bad choices tore Whit and Linc apart a long time ago. Can Linc protect Whit, the man he still loved, from being drawn into the power struggle between moonshiners and drug lords, or would they both die when the smoke cleared, never having a chance to reclaim the love they thought lost?

 Reviewer: White Daisy

The beginning is more or less a prequel. We can see the two main characters as young adults with their youthful love.

Whit and Linc are best friends. Not only that, they are secret  lovers. Whit is a geeky banker's son and he is in love with Linc, who  is a moonshiner. The way they make plans for staying together in  Boston, between bouts of lovemaking is really heartbreaking and sweet. Linc is  scared and believes that as soon as Whit settles in Boston, he will forget about Linc and their relationship. 

"Once  you get there, you may not want me. If that's how it turns out, don't fuss about it, Whit. It's okay. Not sure I'd do so good in that big city  anyway."

With that sentence we can feel how scared Linc really is to be left behind and forgotten by Whit. But he plays a strong guy, who will be just fine even if Whit forgets about him. But  Whit doesn’t stay silent. 

"That's not going to happen. I'll be sending you a ticket, and I'll be waiting for you. I love you, Linc."

God, what a sweet young love. The mess Linc falls into after Whit leaves for Boston felt a bit staged to me and I was right, YAY. It was so tragic to see how Linc accepted himself as something expendable, but believes Whit isn’t because Whit is meant for going places. 

The story fast forwards ten years later.  The only information Whit has had about Linc is that he had gone to  prison and cut off all contact with him. Meanwhile Whit couldn't have gone farther in the opposite direction. Whit has become rich in business and programming, but without his heart he is hollow and alone.  Whit wants Linc, needs him, and this time, he swears to himself to  stand by Linc until he says he doesn't love Whit. 

The romance between Whit and Linc is sweet and really good. I liked the story as a whole. Sure, the storyline was full of holes and could have been better developed. But overall, I enjoyed it. I'm giving 4 stars, because we received a HEA here and what does a reader need more then happy couple?!  

Publisher: Loose Id                
Source: Manic Readers


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