Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Luck of the Draw by Dallas Coleman

Scooter is just out for a good time, and maybe a friendly roll in the hay, when he meets up the members of the most fascinating band he's ever seen. There's something about all of the hot musicians that turns Scooter on, but it's slow-talking, sizzling Justin who convinces Scooter that a roofer from Texas might just be the perfect driver for the tour bus.

Driving the bus puts Scooter smack in the middle of the lives of a band of the sexiest vampires on earth, and put him in the worst danger he's ever known. Tension between lovers and dark forces put Scooter, Justin, and the rest of the band in the horrific position of having to choose who lives and who dies, if any of them can get out alive at all.

 Reviewer: White Daisy

Wow, this story was weird from start till end. And the writing style was crazy. 

Scooter Martin is a redneck. He isa handsome guy who came to town for a drink, a bit of dancing and to get laid. But his luck leaves Scooter as soon as he is interrupted by a member of the band on the stage. Soon after that other members join Scooter and charm his ass with vampire  magic. Scooter feels like he is flying high.  

As a reader I would simply say that this band pulled Scooter into their mix because he is cute, crazy enough for sex, and blindly dazed by Justin, the main singer in the band. This is a band of vampires who need Scooter to be their driver. 

As funny and interesting as the premise sounded, I felt the story was really bad and hard to follow. I didn't like it at all and wouldn't recommend it to anyone. I felt it was waste of my time. I'm  giving 2.5 stars. 
Publisher: Torquere Press

Source: Manic Readers


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