Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Event Horizon (Theo Bourne #2) by Evelyn Shepherd


Valentine’s Day turns into a nightmare when an ancient vampire burns her way through the greater Columbus, ushering in the Aztec God of Death. Theo and Carlos will have to set aside their personal problems in order to put an end to a deranged killer. But as the body count rises, they find out they’re going up against more than a vampire -– they’re going up against each other.

In the midst of the chaos, Theo faces his own personal turmoil. When Lloyd confronts Theo about his feelings, Theo isn’t sure whether his heart still belongs to Carlos or if he truly cares for Lloyd. If he wants to save the world, Theo will have to overcome his troubled heart and harness the power within.

 Reviewer: Fashionta

First let me start off saying if you haven’t read The Hunting Moon, it’s a must read before you read Event Horizon, as it is the first in The Theo Bourne series by Evelyn Shepherd. 

 Theo is still struggling with his powers as a Phantom which is rare in humans, it gives them the power of psycho-kinesis and the ability to create doppelgangers. Again Evelyn Shepherd delivers; you never get bored with this one. There always seems  to be something happening that keeps you reading, unable to put it down. Theo seems to be struggling with his emotions between Carlos and Lloyd. He cares for them both, but can only choose one. I literally  wanted to pull my hair out because of it; I love Theo and Carlos, and hate seeing complications between them. And the sex between them … SO  HOT!! And can I just say ... Carlos has the best way to teach Spanish!!  *fans self* 

  So while dealing with these inner turmoils, Theo has to figure out who this Lady Vampire is who seems hell bent on burning everything in her path while she will stop at nothing to bring back the God of Death. As Theo works to find a way to bring her down, things begin to get out of control between Carlos and him, leaving Theo to  wonder if he’ll be able to move on without Carlos. It is like a constant battle, pushing, shoving, and pulling, back and forth. Carlos keeps fighting to keep Theo right there with him. I love Carlos! He has to keep a close watch on his own inner coyote; which in  itself is never ending, he is always there working hard on his relationship with Theo. As they get closer to finding the  Lady Vampire, Carlos begins to worry he just might not have all the control he needs to help Theo, he feels his control is slipping at an almost  dangerous rate! So it’s up to Theo to reach him … 

I'm beginning  to think I’m stuck in a rut reading books that deal with love triangles and cheating. LOL. I can’t seem to break away from them … even when I  normally hate them. Yet for the life of me, I simple couldn’t put this story down! We get to see Theo question himself, and grow from his experiences as well as Carlos battling against himself when all he wants to do is  protect Theo. Theo and Carlos are beautiful together, even if they are both stubborn fools most of the time. hehehe 

 I give this 4 stars. I really enjoyed this book! And can’t wait for the next installment in the Theo Bourne Series! 

Publisher: Loose ID

Source: Manic Readers


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