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Tenor Tuner (Avondale Stories #9) by Etienne


An Avondale Story

Josh Carpenter is just a few weeks from graduation, and he’s got everything going for him. He has a growing reputation as a piano tuner, and he plans to pursue a master’s degree in the fall. If his best friend, Norm, is to be believed, he’s handsome enough to have his pick of gay men.

He’s also been blind since birth.

When Norm suggests they take in some sun at the beach, Josh has no idea their lives are about to change for the better—until they meet identical twins Zeb and Zeke. Now that love is in the air, life can’t really get any better… or can it?

 Reviewer: Fashionta

Etienne is one of my absolute favorite authors! I was beyond excited to read this book. I simply love all the character in the Avondale Series! The building of this story is great; the characters are wonderful and very cute together. It was so much fun to watch their relationships grow. Beautifully written, of course I loved the meaning and idea behind the whole story as well! 

I love Josh even though he is blind, he’s not afraid to speak his mind and state how he needs to keep his independence. His best friend Norm drags him off to the beach for some fun in the sun. They run into the twins Zeb and Zeke – who we meet in the beginning of the Avondale Series. It’s becomes a who-gets-whom adventure as they make their way to an apartment that belongs to a friend of Zeb and Zeke’s for a bit of fun, even switching partners! (Though I was a bit surprised at how it was immediate in jumping into bed. Usually we get more build up to get to that point. It was definitely a little odd with Zeb and Zeke switching between Josh and Norm. Not sure if it was really needed?

However even with the switching of partners between the four, it was apparent that a connection was made between Josh and Zeke. With Josh having an appointment to tune a Steinway Model C concert grand piano, Zeke calls and offers to give him a ride. We are reintroduced to Tom Foster and Noah Weber from Love Turns the Page, as the piano belongs to them. (I was completely impressed with Josh tuning a piano, such a skill to master without sight to aid him, yet it fits Josh’s character, he wouldn’t let something as simple as being blind stop him from anything!)

Tom Foster notices Josh has a beautiful singing voice as he is tuning the grand piano and invites Josh to audition to join his choir at the Good Shepherd Episcopal Church. With only a slight hesitation Josh agrees and Zeke promises to be his ride. During the audition, Zeke surprises us with his own beautiful singing voice. (How sweet is that? Both Josh and Zeke finding something they can do together as their relationship blossoms.)

Zeke and Zeb end up surprising Josh and Norm one day after church choir with a proposition: moving into a house together on a one year lease. The house is owned by George and Mike, who we met in the very beginning of the Avondale Series; they have offered to rent to them at a bargain deal. Josh agrees with one condition, they’re not roommates but boyfriends – which, of course, everyone readily agrees to! The two couples quickly formulate a plan to get things in motion so they can move in immediately. 

We get glimpses of Zeke and Zeb throughout the Avondale Series, but to finally have at least one of their stories told and to see how far they have come is wonderful. This feels more Zeke’s story than Zeb’s and it was cool to have moments where they are apart from each other; normally where one is the other isn’t far behind. I can’t help but hope for another book to follow this one showing us more of Zeb. 

I give this 4 Stars for anyone who wants a great story that is both touching and playful. Highly Recommended!

 Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press                                                                                   

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