Thursday, July 12, 2012

Rubies of Fire (Department 57) by Lynne M Connolly

Vampire and full-time field agent for the CIA, Andreas's only loyalty is his job with Department 57. Until he sets eyes on sexy Roz Templeton. He already hates his assignment to pose as the office wolf, but he hates it even more when he realizes Roz is also a vampire.
Roz is out to discover who killed two members of her family, and when she does the culprit will die. Andreas is a distraction. And she can't understand why she's drawn to him, anyway—he's a sleaze. But she can't resist.
Drawn into a passion neither can fight, they set fire to the night, and then some. For a young vampire, Andreas is fully versed on how to keep a woman happy in bed, even one that is centuries older than he is, and as dominant and demanding as any man. From their first steamy kiss in the elevator on the way to work, to bed and beyond, Andreas and Roz can't get enough of each other.
But that passion may be a deadly distraction when Roz's life is on the line.

 Reviewer: RedDragonfly

I'm always wary when books are reedited as I wonder if it is a major change worth taking the time to reread. Although there is no warning if this is a standalone book, for reader’s enjoyment, I advise reading other books in the series. 

Roz, a vampire, infiltrates the DIB  (Department of Internal Business) to find out who killed two members of her coven. There she meets Andreas who is also a vampire working undercover but neither know what the other is. Andreas acts like a womanizer as part of his cover, which appalls Roz, but he doesn't like what he has to do either. They both are ordered to team up and get information on Department 57. (This isn't really explained well enough for me.)
To be honest, it's been a long time since I have read any books of this series and I was a bit lost, I wished I had reread the prior books before this one, but overall, I enjoyed the storyline, following along with each twist and turn. I won't spoil the reader’s enjoyment by giving away who the killer is. I love the fact that vampires don't have all their powers until nightfall and act mostly human. I am also wondering if the mm scene really needed to be included. To me, it served no purpose being there and I found it a distraction in what I thought was a MF book. 

Despite all that, I fully intend to go back to the start and read the series again. I rate this book 4 star. 

Publisher: Loose Id                              
Source:  Manic Readers


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