Monday, July 23, 2012

By His Rules by J.A. Rock

Aiden Cole can be anything men want—naughty schoolboy, palace slave, virgin twink, or slutty secretary. He’s a gifted actor with a gorgeous body who gives legendary head. Aiden could have his pick of any Top in the local leather bar, but is drawn to Scott Runge—a cruel, sexy Dom who pushes Aiden to his limits, allowing Aiden to experience the excitement and danger of the BDSM lifestyle to a degree he never has before. But when Scott goes too far, injuring Aiden, Aiden withdraws from the BDSM scene completely. Until he meets Keaton Hughes.

Keaton’s looking for something he can’t find in any dungeon: A domestic discipline relationship, in which he can provide his partner with guidance, support, and loving discipline. When Keaton takes Aiden in after Aiden’s traumatic encounter with Scott, he vows not to pursue any sort of relationship with the troubled sub. But as Aiden struggles to overcome the damage Scott has done and get his life back on track, Keaton’s rules might be just what he needs.

 Reviewer: WhiteDaisy

This was a really hard story for me to digest. Aiden is a young impressionable man lost in his need to serve someone and has a reputation for having a high tolerance for pain. Aiden likes a  good mindfuck with a good mix of psychological stimulation which to him is the best part of role playing at the Club Obey.

Aiden has never been a part of a true Dom/sub relationship; he is inexperienced in the real BDSM lifestyle. One night Aiden sees Keaton Hogles at the club and is interested in him, but as soon as Aiden glances at Scott Runge, he forgets about everyone else around him. His mind and body are drawn to Scott. Even if he knows that Scott doesn’t have a good reputation as a Dominant, he wants him. Aiden knows Scott is rough, rougher than any top he has played with, but that is Scott's allure. This rush of fear surrounding Scott makes Aiden hot, he is simply foolish  and young. And Aiden knows that he wants to feel owned, used and utterly debased. 

Aiden is blindly sure, that Scott, even if he breaks him down, would still help to build him back up. His true  training with Scott is everything else but. Scott's training is slowly, slowly changing him and leading him toward a path of destruction. Aiden  stops eating and he believes every abusive word Scott throws in his face. Aiden changes and his fall from a confident man to a mistreated, abused, tortured person isn’t pretty. While reading this first part of Aiden's life, I felt sick, sad, and my heart was breaking. I wanted to cry. I was asking myself all the time, Why, Why, Why... 

I  simple couldn't understand Aiden's choice, did he really feel such deep self loathing, that he needs a Dom who is an abusive asshole, who  trains Aiden specifically to feel humiliated, degraded, inflicting him with pain and then more pain without considering Aiden in any  degree? This part was crazy. To my way of thinking, Aiden wasn't in his right mind. Scott even renamed Aiden with a new Nick, "Shithead". Why does Aiden let himself be treated like shit? 

After Scott beats, abuses, and rapes Aiden, Aiden finally leaves him, at long last. I was glad when Aiden found Keaton Hogles again. But at this point, Aiden wasn't the boy Keaton had first seen in the club Obey. Aiden is a broken, sad man without hope to ever live a normal life again. Keaton Hoghes is a professor of visual arts at Florence Community College. He often feels out of place at clubs like Obey. Keaton's view of the D/s dynamics is totally different from what Aiden has experienced. Keaton doesn’t want a slave but an equal  partner who would want to be guided, cared for, and truly disciplined with no role playing. He is into "domestic discipline". 

This second part of this story was easier to stomach and I did enjoy it more. I have to admit, Aiden got on my nerves a LOT, but he is young and Aiden and Keaton's relationship had just begun. I liked them as partners, even if Aiden didn't change much until the end.
This was hard story in general and I didn't feel it had a satisfactory ending. I'm giving it 3.5 stars. 

 Publisher: Loose Id       

Source:  Manic Readers


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