Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Lord Atwood's Lovers by Eva Clancy

   To the rest of the ton, Lord and Lady Atwood seem to have the perfect marriage. They wed for love and their marriage bed doesn't lack for passion—but Imogen is haunted by the memory of her first marriage…while Charles harbors secret thoughts and desires he's been unable to confess to his wife.

Then Charles's ex-lover, Alexander Lambert, arrives in town, throwing Charles into a tailspin—and awakening a surprising attraction in Imogen. Now, both have to face the possibility that they may need more than just each other to be truly complete…

 Reviewer: Dolce Amore

Sir Charles Atwood loved Alex Lambert, but he began to wish for something more: a wife and children. So he broke the relation with the other man and went looking for a wife, expecting nothing more than to meet a suitable woman with whom he could share a relationship of mutual respect. However, when he saw Mrs. Imogen Standish, he fell in love with her and within two short months they were married.

 However, the love he felt for Alex still burned and when Imogen invites him to dinner, Charles is forced to confront his feelings for him. Later in the night, Imogen makes him share all the details and gives him a solution.

“I can share, if you can.”

He stared at her, not comprehending. “What?”
 “You and Alex shared women before, yes? So, share me. Share me with Alex, and I will share you with him.”

I enjoyed the story, but for me, it was incomplete. There is nothing written about the first two months of courtship, just a few lines about Charles and Imogen's first meeting. Also nothing about the past relation between Charles and Alex, just a few sparse lines. The scenes between the characters are torrid and well written; yet I expected a deeper story. 3 stars.   

Publisher: Harlequin

Source: Net Galley


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