Saturday, July 7, 2012

Star Born by Ann O'Bannon


After surviving an out-of-body experience, Major Karen O’Reilly leaves her heart in the hands of a handsome alien on the other side of the cosmos. The Allied Nations of Earth send her on a mission into deep space and it happens again. Only this time, she learns how to tap into the power of the universe and develops an unearthly ability. Commodore Caradoc Rimon’s fate was sealed when his father’s medallion materialized out of thin air, binding him to a star born sprite. Unable to resist her allure, he begins to questions his sanity. is she flesh and blood, or spirit born? Could Solomon’s legend be true? Discover the true meaning of freedom, experience the magic of astral planing, and share in the destiny of these two star-crossed lovers who bring to fruition a spirited legacy born of the stars...

 Reviewer: Dolce Amore

The ghost of Admiral Sedric Rimon provoked an out-of-body experience for Major Karen O’Reilly, of the Allied Nations of Earth Space Agency  (ANESA) so he could reach his son, Commodore Caradoc Rimon. 

Caradoc needs to solve the mystery of Napier’s destruction and find his sister; Karen needs to find Captain David Alexander and his alien wife  Captain Zara Darien with their starship Stardust, then locate Shimura  and make contact with the Alliance. 

During her search, Karen gains the ability of astral travel and finds Zara, visits Caradoc again  and again and pulls him too in an astral travel. When she finally  reaches Shimura, she meets Caradoc, in the flesh. However, although  their souls are bonded, he has already an intended mate and a Rimon never reneges on their word. 

Now that the spirit of Caradoc’s  father told them that there were survivors, including Caradoc’s sister, they will search for them.  

Although it was an interesting book  with a quite unique approach, I have to say that I found the characters lacking. The men from 2025 are determined to dominate women, or, at  least, dominate Major Karen O’Reilly; the Shimuran are supposed to be a  peaceable race who put the welfare of others first, but they are  fighters too and one almost kills Karen. For six years, Caradoc was searching for the starship that disappeared while carrying his family, but when he discovers that there are survivors, he doesn’t search for  them! That, along with some minor *errors, made me rate this book 3.5 stars. 

Publisher: Dare Empire eMedia Productions                                
Source: Manic Readers


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