Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Rack 'Em by A.H. Scott

In a small, French village, a grand dame of envied collectibles has been murdered in the night, as a trail of treasure and tears leads onto the doorstep of an unsuspecting Vancouver auction house. Recaptured bobbles of devotion from two fated lovers of long days gone by, bring together varied egos into the life of an antiques dealer.
Beauty came to Vancouver, as if it were a smiling wind from across the ocean. For this harried male, a pair of bodacious Italian belles and woman of gentle grace from China proved to be something extra for him. Man and woman, who were once strangers and adversaries, became bound in each other’s arms and hearts. A liquidator in fine fabric has woven itself ...

 Reviewer: Fashionta

In my personal opinion, this book was hard to follow—almost as if A.H. Scott did not have English as her first language. Upon researching her, however, I found she is, indeed, an American. I am perplexed, then, why the author has chosen to stylize her words in a manner that is atavistic and too floral. She injected a lot of flowery words that took a paragraph or more to describe what could have been done more succinctly in one sentence. The storyline was not easy to follow as it did not grab my attention from the first page. It seemed to ramble and wander and even the action paragraphs did not flow smoothly. I would not personally recommend this book to younger readers as it might be a bit out of their comfort reading range. 

The book is, however, a very descriptive read and you do get the sense of the moment and being in that moment for a brief amount of time. But again, if you do not like a book with a protracted story line I would not recommend this book. If, however, you enjoy rambling along then by all means read and enjoy.

Here is an example of how the book was written. Word for word.

“Seeing Vincent’s reaction to the store’s moniker made mouth motion with gum even faster, “True Love would be a neat addition in our store,” stopping the chewing for a moment, maturity rose, “That irony is something priceless.”

The idea trying to be conveyed here is that the man is chewing gum and when the store’s moniker is seen he reacts by chewing his gum faster. This is the style in which the entire book is written.

Overall this book gets a 3 from me for the effort but it should have been gone over by a proofreader and corrected. Not to mention the fact that it should have tossed out and started over. The storyline sounds great but not in the manner it was executed here.

 Publisher: Eirelander Publishing                                                                      

Source:  Manic Readers