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Ratings guide:
We rate using the following star system 
 Whatever you do stay away
Do not read
Not Recommended
 Okay, some areas need improvements
 Good but could be better
 Good enough to be re-read
 Very Good
 Very Good lacking minor detail
 Outstanding, one of the best I've ever read

Requesting a review:
We are happy to review your books if you contact us. However, please give us ample time to review the books. We reserve the right to decline a request if we believe that we won’t be able to review your book in a reasonable amount of time or it's not a book our reviewers would enjoy. Our main focus is romance and erotica and their associated subgenres. However, we do accept books from other genres on a more limited basics. We accept Arcs and non-advance review copies.
  • Click here for a list of the genres Booked Up won't be accepting for review.
    • Art/Illustrated
      Biography & Autobiography
      Computers & Technology
      Cooking, Food & Wine
      Crafts & Hobbies
      Crime Fiction
      Family & Relationships
      Graphic Novels
      House & Home
      Humor & Comedy
      Political Science
      Popular Culture
      Religion, Spirituality
      Social Science
      Sports & Recreation
      True Crime

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