Friday, July 20, 2012

Let It Snow by Vic Winter


Dar's at the ski hill with his best friend Perry, acting as Perry's wing man with the ski bunnies. It's a small price to pay for an all-expenses paid ski trip, especially as he's not interested in the ladies himself. When the most gorgeous stud Dar's ever seen heads right for them, Perry's worried about the competition, but Dar's worried he's drooling all over himself. Could the man really be coming over just to introduce himself to Dar?

 Reviewer: Purple Rose 

Darwin, who prefers to be called Dar, is on vacation for three days, skiing with his best friend Perry. He thought he was going to be spending the time falling down in the snow during the day and helping Perry pick up ski bunnies at night but, within a few hours of arriving, Dar meets Miles and the two go out to dinner and hit it off right away. 

This was a really short story with characters that weren't really  developed but, even with it being short, I found it still very cute and enjoyable. I would have liked to have "seen" Dar and Miles date and to have heard what they talked about instead of the story just saying they  laughed and got along. But aside from wanting more from the characters, I  really liked Dar's voice and thought it was pretty funny. I also liked the ending paragraph that showed they were still together and Dar was still falling on his face in the snow. I'm giving this story 4 stars.

 Publisher: Torquere Press                                                                                    

Source:  Manic Readers


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