Saturday, March 17, 2012

Something Fresh Served Hot (Something New On The Menu 1) by Sharita Lira

A gay contemporary comedy which features a Chicago homophobe, by the name of Jimmy LaCosta, who works at a diner called the “Greasy Spoon” on the north side of Chicago near Boys Town. While working, Jimmy meets the incoming manager, Alex Seidling, a young British man who his present boss is hiring to take his place as he retires.

After the initial meeting in which Jimmy feels uncomfortable with Alex's stares, Jimmy cultivates a friendship with Alex, which develops into something totally different than he himself expects. This shocks him and he tries to fight it but because of his growing feelings he decides to pursue it despite all of what he has been taught.

Will he do what his body wants? Will Alex accept his advances even though he will soon become Jimmy’s boss?

Reviewer: CitrusFruit
I loved Sharita Lita's novella Something Fresh Served Hot, this book was beyond funny and Jimmy had me cracking up numerous times. I'm giving this book four stars, I would have loved to give it more but it could have been longer and had more info on Alex. I understood that Alex and Jimmy had everything in common and got along great because of it but I would have also liked to learn more about Alex's past. For example, we learned he got a tattoo of DD for his first boyfriend but we never heard anything else about it, so we don't know when it was, how long they were together, or why they broke up; which is something I would have liked to learn. There was also one mistake where the author mentioned it had been two weeks since they started hanging out together and the following day she said it was three weeks. But aside from that I didn't catch any other mistakes.

I really liked how Alex showed Jimmy that gay men didn't have to live up to stereotypes (which was clearly a big fear of Jimmy's). Jimmy fell for Alex because he realized that he could still enjoy watching/playing sports, playing pool, and he could dress and talk the same but he could also fall in love with a man. Growing up, he was taught if he liked other men he would have to act a certain way and Alex proved that wrong! I also liked how Jimmy and Alex seemed to be equals even if Alex was going to be his boss in the very near future.

Publisher: Naughty Nights Press
Review Courtesy Of: ManicReaders


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