Friday, March 23, 2012

Risking Eternity (Timeshifters 1) by Gwenan Haines

After a childhood spent watching her psychic mother struggle to make a living reading tarot cards in their shabby New Orleans apartment, Hayden Farrell isn't taken in by much. As far as she's concerned, the only thing extraordinary about this world is people's willingness to put their faith in things that don't exist. For the past decade she's believed in one thing: being a cop. But when teen-age prostitutes start turning up dead, the Boston homicide detective is forced to do something she hasn't done since she fled Louisiana. To catch the killer she's got to trust a stranger whose version of reality threatens to destroy her own.

Valentin Grigorievich has wanted revenge since London's most notorious serial killer betrayed him more than a century earlier. To get it, he needs Hayden's help--and maybe her life as well. While Valentin may be immune to her good looks he finds it increasingly difficult to resist the dark connection that binds them. Will the vampire's plan give him the satisfaction he craves or rob him of his soul mate?

Reviewer: Dolce Amore
Hayden Farrell is a cop and she is worried about the last case she had. The victim, a young hooker, had twin punctures on the right side of the neck and no blood.

I liked the first pages, the story seemed interesting. From there on, I’m sorry to say, it got a little unreal. Hayden hated her mother because she pretended to see paranormal stuff just to scam naïve people. But she started to believe in vampires just minutes after she saw the body and without knowing that she had lost all her blood. The same thing happens when she saw Valentin Grigorievich for the first time… she believed him when he told her that he was a vampire.

Hayden agrees to help Valentin catch the killer, who seems to be Jack the Ripper. What I don’t understand is why, if Jack or Henry, his true name, arrived in America on January 20, 1890, nobody caught or at least realized that he killed for so many years.

However, what she doesn’t know is that Valentin wants to let her die just to hurt Henry, because she was looked like Sarah, the woman who started everything. But Hayden was also Valentin’s soulmate. I can’t believe that Ms. Gwenan Haines wrote that. I was totally disappointed by that scene.

I rate the book 3.5 stars.

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