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Guest Review - Raging Desire by Eryn Louise

Lady Evelyn Sinclaire, is a spirited and determined young lady who knows what she wants or rather whom. She has wanted him since she was a girl and long ago made a vow to make him hers.

Lord Seth Ainsley Marquis of Radcliffe does not see matrimony in his immediate future nor does he see Eve as anything more then his best friend's baby sister... or so he thought... He needs to fight his Raging Desires if only she would stop tempting him...

Reviewer: Guest Reviewer
Thanks for inviting me to BookedUp, today I bring you a tasty little treat, Raging Desire from Eryn Louise.

Raging Desire is a must-read for any romance reader who loves strong heroines, unforgettable heros, a bit of danger and just the right amount of spice!! This book has that and more.

Lady Evelyn Sinclaire has been in love with Lord Seth Ainsley for as long as she can remember, way back to her childhood even. Eve was sent away when she was ten, and on that day she had proudly informed him, that she would become a lady and do what was required of young girls, so she could marry him when she returned. She was like that, once she made a decision she could rarely be swayed. It had been eight years since she had been home and Eve is still determined to marry the love of her life this season, even considering all she has been through, the death of her mother and being banished by her father at an early age.
When I am around him, my heart thumps in my chest like it is going to come right out of my body. My stomach twists and turns. My mouth gets all dry and I am short of breath. … my eyes are constantly drawn to his like magnets.
Seth didn’t know what hit him, one moment he was a happy go lucky bachelor attending a ball and then he spotted a mystery woman across the room and he knew,
…he just saw the woman of his dreams. The woman whom I am meant to be with… forever…
So who was this mysterious woman? Once Seth realized it was his best friend's sister, he had a difficult time keeping away from her. Eve had him all confused, poor Seth needed to come to terms with what he was feeling for her; it was an agonizing battle for him to concede to the fact that his bachelor days were numbered. Seth is insistent that any sort of feelings between them cannot be, but Eve tends to think differently and she is set to prove it. The emotions rolling from them is both electric and combustible. Ms. Louise depicts the passion between them beautifully. The two played a cat and mouse game for a better part of the story, their love scenes were explosive and sensual.

There were many secondary characters brought in to help the story along, some added depth to the hero and heroine and some to the plot. About midway, the storyline slowed somewhat, but it immediately picked up the pace and captured my attention until the very last page. During this part, the author tied up some loose ends and created some new ones for the reader. There were some twist and turns I was not expecting, like the climax, I was not expecting it to play out like that at all. I was somewhat confused about the prologue: a character was introduced early on, then not referenced again until much later and although he played a role in the ending, it didn’t seem to fit just right, not unless the author plans on sequels to bring more depth to this character.

Don't miss out on this on book! You won't be disappointed. Enjoy!! I give this 4.5

Publisher: Melange Books
Review Courtesy Of: ManicReaders


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