Monday, March 19, 2012

Moving in Rhythm by Dev Bentham

Mark Apolostolos should be able to have any man he wants. Handsome and smart, he's also cripplingly shy, especially around attractive men. Tired of waking up alone, he's desperate to conquer his insecurities and have a real, meaningful relationship.

He gets his first opportunity when he tags along to his sister-in-law's dance class and lays eyes on the sexy instructor. Seth Miller has a way of moving that takes his breath away. It isn't long before sparks fly and they share a steamy kiss, but Seth wants much more than just a casual encounter.

If Mark wants a real relationship with Seth he'll have to come to terms with his sexuality-but will it be enough to break through the walls he's built up around his heart?

Reviewer: Fashionta
This is a really sweet story! I loved how the emotions with Mark and Seth played out, with the outcomes, challenges, and scenarios placed before them. I believe Dev Bentham is an author to keep an eye on for future works.

Mark Apolostols is struggling to come to terms with his sexuality, while dealing with a nervousness and shyness that triggers panic attacks when he is in large crowds. Luckily he works as an online professor, so no dealing with rooms full of people since he’s able to work from home. He lives a life of solitude with his dog Belle, sure that he is meant to be alone and never to learn and experience love. His emotions are very real, and you can feel and understand what he is going through very clearly.

Seth Miller is a man who has experienced rough times and has stepped up and grasped change. Since his accident, he has become a dance instructor both at a gym and with teenagers. He’s strong, confident, but has this quiet soothing understanding way about him. That works out well with Mark, and he’ll need a good deal of patience with Mark's constant panic attacks.

When Mark and Seth first meet it’s in a Zumba class at the local gym. Mark has been dragged to it by his sister-in-law Lisa, whom he is staying with while she is reaching her last few months of pregnancy. His brother Pete, Lisa’s husband has been deployed overseas as an emergency doctor and is unable to be with his wife.

Seth has conflicting emotions where Mark is concerned, at first mistakes Mark as Lisa’s husband, believing Mark is bisexual and is out looking for a good time, supposedly cheating on Lisa. Mark is now in a panic wondering if all is lost between them. It takes a good friend to help Mark come to terms with some issues he is struggling with, to finally take the step to confront Seth about his feelings.

They begin to sweetly court each other. I loved this part…they have long talks on cell phones, even when they can see each other they stay at distances. It’s so sweet, so tender and yet has this almost all consuming feeling that they both crave each other and can't stay away, but can neither remain close for long periods of time. The way Seth holds back, with a soft compassion slowly reaching out to Mark in a way that Mark doesn’t feel so trapped is really rather sweet. It would have been nice though to see Mark and Seth spend more time together. I felt here, time was cut rather short, and a bit rushed near the end. Otherwise I definitely enjoy this story.

I give this 4 stars! A sweet, fun, romantic story about finding and accepting ones self while facing many struggles!

Publisher: Carina Press
Review Courtesy Of: NetGalley


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