Thursday, March 8, 2012

Silver (Humanotica 1) by Darcy Abriel

Born to freedom. Molded into submission. Pleasure is her only weapon.

No matter what the law decrees, Entreus is no one's chattel. And he's determined that no other humanotic-part human, part robot-spends one more second under the stranglehold of the power-mad government machine. That means doing whatever it takes to advance the cause for freedom. Even seduce a government minister's favorite toy, a newly minted trinex named Silver.

Silver was a free woman until she committed the ultimate sin-pretending to be male to gain entrance to an exclusive science academy. Her punishment: modification. Now she is equal parts female, male and machine. The property of the secretive, charismatic Lel Kesselbaum, whose appetites push her new sexual abilities to heights of pleasure that make her wonder who is master, who is slave.

Until Entreus bargains his body in exchange for a secret meeting that rekindles her longing for freedom. Yet helping the fiery revolutionary execute his plan isn't so simple, especially when she discovers her master's secret-a secret that leaves her heart torn between two men. And one step in the wrong direction could mean death for them all. Warning: Contains wickedly inventive sexual situations and language, including not-so-ordinary body modification and same-sex scenes with BDSM elements. And a most unusual application of decorative silver. Please step away if your taste doesn't run toward the exotic.

Reviewer: QueenBee
For someone who reads so widely it was refreshing to see a book that combines my love of mm and mf, mfm in such unique way. The female in the book is not a typical woman. She a trinex and she's owned by a high government official. What’s a trinex you probably are going to ask as you read this? She's half robot and half human, adjusted to such a point that she in equal parts male, female, and robot.

The story is an unique dystopian plot set in the city of Quentopolis. The city is controlled by the humans of the Politico and serviced by the computers of the Elite Logical Life Core. This series revolves around this and the rebels who are led by the sexy Entreus who knows firsthand of the Core as he was once part of it and wants to stop the Politics and his only way is through this trinex.

I have to give this book 4 stars for such an interesting storyline and one that successfully presents a character who’s past mistakes have made her a toy in an interesting political game. Who knew spying could be sexy! Ms. Darcy Abriel will be stopping by in March to promote the second book of this series, which once again features the sexy Entreus, the humanotic who’s half robot and human, and his quest with a whole new set of characters.


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