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Belinda, My Love (The Vicar's Daughter 3) by Emma Lane

A handsome rogue attempts to win the heart of a young girl without fatally damaging her reputation.

Young Belinda has one special passion-- the art of healing, which she calls God's work--but she willingly makes room for a deep friendship with a handsome rogue from London. She assumes he thinks she is too young for romance.

The viscount thought he understood the attraction between men and women. But after just one glimpse of the vicar's youngest daughter, he dropped like a stone at the red-headed beauty's feet. When he learns to his chagrin that Belinda is just out of the schoolroom, he vows to wait until she has her Season before he declares his love.

Which rival will best the viscount? The handsome young cousin who shares Belinda's passion for healing the sick? Or the science of medicine itself? Will the rogue's tentative approach finally upset his plans and send a wrong message to his love?

Reviewer: PurpleRose
This story is about Belinda, youngest daughter of Rev. William Robinson. Like her elder sisters, who are both happily married to peers of the realm, she had a very unusual upbringing. They were allowed to pursue and practice whatever gift God gave them without restriction and with their father's blessing. Belinda has a true gift with herbs and remedies like her late mother. She was a little girl when she passed away and unfortunately can't remember her. She is so good at it that she is second best after the local doctor and everybody knows her value in the small village where she lives.

She is a very lively young woman, curious and intelligent, but too much educated for the standard of that time. An on top of all that she has a good heart.

Quinton Royston, Viscount Harrington is back after a long absence abroad. Three years ago he fell head-over-heels in love with a school girl and was willing to wait for the young girl to become a young woman. He is a friend of Lord Sutcliffe who is married to Belinda's eldest sister and he and Belinda became good friends when they met all those years ago in London.

Quinton became a friend of the family and they both enjoyed many horseback rides in the country, thus strengthening their acquaintance. The vicar always thought his daughter safe with him despite his reputation as a rake.

Then he had to go far away to India to look after his business interests. For Quinton this separation was very hard but necessary in more ways than one and for Belinda she missed his friendship and felt lonely despite her busy days.

Now back in England, he is more than ready to marry his beloved Belinda. But patience is of the essence! He doesn't want to take the risk of scaring her and lose her forever. He has his doubts too, maybe he is too old for her, maybe she loves him a little but only as her friend, maybe it could grow into something else....

As for Belinda, she knows that when Quinton is near her she is happy and when he is not she misses him. But she is quite certain that he still sees her as a child and not as a young woman.

Quinton's plan is to join her in London for her coming out and for her to enjoy his company, but the main problem is to do so without harming her reputation!

There is a lot more to come and it gets worse before it gets better. There are twist and turns, misconceptions, quid pro quo, and at last tears of joy.

It is a refreshing and entertaining love story. The two main characters are very lovable and are made for each other. I give this book 4 stars.

Publisher: Musa Publishing
Review Courtesy Of: ManicReaders


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