Thursday, March 1, 2012

Karma Kameleon by Stephanie Haefner

Karma is back, but this time she’s not completely to blame.

After surviving a heart- wrenching tragedy, Lexi Marshall is determined to find happiness with her wacky, new-age family. Stumbling through her first few months of motherhood, she's achieved the perfect balance living with her son, the love of her life, and her best friend and his lover. But happily-ever-after all under the same roof doesn't last long.

For one thing, Rich doesn’t exactly agree living with everyone is ideal. With their gay/straight double wedding fast approaching, he wants to find a place of their own instead of continuing to sponge off of Marcus and Kevin. But Lexi isn’t ready to give up her easy lifestyle...or the never-ending wisdom of her lifelong best friend, Marcus.

Torn between assured comfort and true happiness, Lexi has to make a choice, and fast. Will she lose everything, or can she trust karma, and have it all?

WARNING: Title contains some explicit sexual scenes and strong language

Reviewer: Fashtiona
Karama is a person that you can talk to and reason with. I love this new age chick lit from Stephanie Haefner. In the sequel to A Bitch Named Karma, once again we are back in the world of Lexi, who is more mature and taking life in stride with her new age family of Lexie and boyfriend, her baby daddy and his life partner.

It’s not what you expect but in a good way, this chick-lit is full of hot and heavy sex, plus cute scenes as once again Lexi goes back down the path she never thought she would take. It's full of déjà moments as events unfolding, mirror the previous book but with a whole lot of new problems.

I must applaud the author on the handling of the sensitive events that took place in the first few chapters and must add a thank you to those mums who told their stories and gave advice to the author in writing these chapters. For any family it's heart breaking and this was handled wonderfully.

It's refreshing to see something like this and in fact the other events in the book were treated the same way and at the right time while having their funny moments, showing that this author has serious talent and fans of chick lit will fall in love with her work.

I have to give 4 stars because this chick-lit novel is probably one of the best I've read. Most languish in the old format but this novel gives me hope better things are to come from this genre and this author.

Publisher: Lyrical Press
Review Courtesy Of: ManicReaders


Aging Ophelia said...

Good review-- a decent look at the work, and a thumbs-up for pointing out that the author and her work transcends genre limitations, expanding the boundaries of romance and chick-lit in a wonderful way... I heartily agree.

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