Monday, March 19, 2012

The Brat by Sherry Gloag

Gina Williams has a secret and prays it is buried with her childhood persecutor, Em Kouvaris, as discovery will ruin her reputation as a famous children's author. She soon discovers the son, Ben Kouvaris, new owner of her publishing company, has uncovered her past and is making demands. Will he ruin her career if she doesn't comply? Ben Kouvaris is blown away by the unknown beauty at his estranged mother's funeral, and when his father demands he marry, immediately, to secure the family business, he knows just who he wants as his temporary bride. But can Ben persuade Gina to trust him?

Reviewer: Dolce Amore
Gina Williams is a hurt woman. Although she is now a famous writer, she had a traumatic childhood; her mother sold her to Anna Kouvaris, who used her as a prostitute when she was ten years old. Six years later, she finally ran away but when she heard that Anna was ill, she came back and took care of for her five years, until Anna died.

Ben Kouvaris feels attraction for Gina. When he finds out that his father needs a heart surgery and he won’t do it until he's married, Ben decides that his bride will be Gina. When he begins to discover what his mother did to her, he is horrified! She never bothered to know the child’s birth name, she always referred to the girl as The Brat.

Even before he falls in love with her, he decides to take care of her, to protect her; especially from the mother who sold her.

It's a wonderful story, so I highly recommend it. The characters are wonderful and the story well written. It makes you think about all the children adopted through private adoptions and what number had similar childhoods like Gina.

The only thing I felt missing from the story was something about all the time she stayed with Anna and about what happened after she ran away. The story starts from Anna’s funeral with nothing or almost nothing about her past. That’s why I can give it just 4 stars, but I will read other of Ms. Sherry Gloag’s books because I like her style.

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Review Courtesy Of: ManicReaders


Sherry Gloag said...

What a lovely start to my day Dolce, :-) thank you for your lovely review. I appreciate it, and will take on board your other comments for future stories.

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