Monday, March 5, 2012

City of Gold by L.J. LaBarthe

Constantinople, capital of the Byzantine Empire, 1131 AD

Gallienus has spent his life in service of his country, and now his scarred body is no longer up for the fight. Assigned to work the gates of Constantinople, he is charged with examining the cargo brought into the city from all over the world. Misahuen is part of the merchant train bringing wares from the Silk Road to trade, but it’s not Misahuen’s cargo that interests the wounded soldier. Gallienus thought his heart was too battered to love anything but his country. Does he have the courage to dream of a future beyond service to the City of Gold?

Reviewer: RedDragonfly
This was the first novel I've read by L.J. LaBarthe but it for sure won't be the last. This short story was beautifully written and the characters were very likable and really pulled you into the story. I just wish that this had been a longer story. There were parts that mentioned weeks had gone by of them talking and learning about each other but we didn't get to see that, we don't get to see them fall in love. We only got to see the instant lust they had for each other and when they finally acted upon their desires.

The only problem I had with this short was that the author said something about Gallienus taking his breeches off but breeches weren't part of the Byzantine Empire dress. She also mentioned his boots but scholars arent certain what type of footwear they had so I guess I could let that mistake slide.

I'm giving City of Gold 4.5 stars only because I can't give it the full 5 stars for it's story length.

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Review Courtesy Of: ManicReaders


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