Friday, March 2, 2012

Bella's Rodeo (Journey Of A Thousand Miles 1) by Alicia White

Isabella, Alyssa, and Jessica have been friends since high school, their own little makeshift family. After Isabella loses her job, she convinces her friends to go on a road trip, one that they had planned since high school. Bella is looking for some adventure and a little fun when they leave Southern California and head on their journey.

When their car breaks down, the three women are stuck in Coltmann County, Texas, but they won’t be alone for too long.

Clint, Clay, and Cody Colton have moved back home to Coltmann County from living on the rodeo circuit. They are looking for a woman they can share, a woman to be a part of their family. When Bella’s car breaks down, they work together, convincing her that she should stay with them.

Will Bella be able to start over in a new town, or will she be too afraid to entrust her future to three sexy cowboys? Let the real adventure begin…

Reviewer: QueenBee
I've never read a first book in a series that sets up the series and leaves you wanting more like this one does. Bella’s Rodeo is not only Bella’s story. It's also the story of her friends who we will come to see further in the future books. The author maintained a clear balance between the major and minor characters that left me satisfied yet intrigued by the unknown as the book set it up for even further expansion past the three friends.

I have to give it 5 stars for a first book in a series it gives a very satisfying conclusion to the main relationship in the story but set the series up so well that we know that the further books are going to be hot and explosive as the town adds more woman to their mix.

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing


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