Friday, March 9, 2012

Double Dog Dare by Jennifer Johnson

We’re all mad here. ~The Cheshire Cat

When Cheris McDowell wakes up in a hotel room next to the husband she doesn’t remember meeting, she decides the only practical solution is a quiet divorce. Too bad the rest of the world disagrees. As an Internet advice guru, Cheris ought to know how to fix the mess she woke up to, but when her own webmaster conspires to keep the marriage going, Cheris is at a loss. Geoff Arrowood III, her new husband, isn’t helping the situation. He’s way too charming and looks a little too good in a Tuxedo. Will Cheris choose a little storybook madness or the sensible advice of the wisdom she’s followed all her life?

Reviewer: Dolce Amore
If you are in mood for a romantic comedy, I have the right book for you… this one. I must confess I couldn’t stop laughing from the first moment until the last. It's an astonishing book and Ms. Jennifer Johnson impressed me with her wonderful humor. And her quotes are totally marvelous; I loved them from the first one she added. Every single one is connected with what happens into the chapter and the first one is:
I wonder if I've been changed in the night? Let me think. Was I the same when I got up this morning? I almost think I can remember feeling a little different. But if I'm not the same, the next question is „Who in the world am I?" Ah, that's the great puzzle!
— Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
Ok, so we have a man and a woman, like in all stories. The difference is that in this one, Cheris McDowell wakes up only to see that she slept with a guy, she doesn’t do one night stands… and she doesn’t remember his name. The writer’s humor is brilliant and perfect for the situation, when Cheris sees the guy for the first time, while he was sleeping:
Hello. I’m Cheris. I know we slept together, but I didn’t catch your name.
And when she gets home, the man follows her and tells her that he is her husband. From that moment, everything goes downhill for Cheris, or that is what she thinks.

But Geoffrey Watkins Arrowood III, Geoff, fell in love with her from the moment he saw her in one of the paintings his sister made a year ago and now that they are married, he has decided to make her fall for him as well. However, he isn’t the only one who wants this marriage to succeed: his mother, his sister, Cheris’s boss, all them are getting involved in the story, making it hilarious and totally brilliant.

I can't give it less than 5 stars and I'm going to search for the rest of her books, I’m sure they are as wonderful as this one. Praise for her!!! She is now one of my favorite writers.

Publisher: Turquoise Morning Press
Review Courtesy Of: ManicReaders


Janie Emaus said...

WOW! That is a great review.

Jennifer Johnson said...

Thanks, Dolce! I'm so happy you enjoyed it. I loved writing it!

Unknown said...

Fab review. Congrats Jen

Maddie James said...

Jennifer Johnson is one of my fave authors and this book, tops the list. I guarantee if you read it, you will laugh! Highly recommended if you need an upbeat book with a complicated plot!

Margaret said...

I loved this book too! The humor is spot-on and and relationship that evolves between Cheris and Geoff is completely squee-worthy. Definitely a 5 star read!

Suzanne Lilly said...

I absolutely love romantic comedies and I somehow missed this one. I'm going to buy a copy to read today. Nice review.

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