Monday, March 19, 2012

Holly Hood Promo Day #1

Today I welcome Holly Hood to the blog, on the first of a two day promo. Today Holly has kindly written a guest post.

I hate introductions. I never know what to say, not to say, how to say it. I even hate goodbyes because to me they are awkward.

I’m Holly Hood. 28 years old, I live in Sylvania, Ohio. There isn’t anything that great about where I come from. Most days I dream of living in Tennessee again. Ohio’s weather is very scatterbrained and never knows what it wants to do. This year, we didn’t see a lot of snow and that was rather shocking, but I must say, I am expecting something crazy to happen now because of this—maybe it will rain cats and dogs.

I am married to an amazing man—seriously, he is pretty amazing. I have three great kids, who are 9, 8 and 5. Being a mother is one of the best things that could ever happen to me, no joke. I have two dogs (daschund and a boxer) and I am in love with reality tv, music and having a good laugh. I am probably the most laidback person I know. I don’t sweat the small stuff ever, and I appreciate everything that I have, there is no reason to live a life of misery, someone always has it worse than you do.

I write because it’s too hard walking around with all these ideas and stories in my head—it gets heavy after awhile. My good friends always joke with me that I have a sickness because of how much I write and how many books I have written in a couple years. I say it’s a gift not a curse or anything I would want to be cured of. It’s what I love to do; I would feel strange if I wasn’t able to.

I think the magical question is when I decided to start writing. Well, for me I think my imagination was always running wild at an early age. I started to write it all down probably around the age of eleven. But I never finished anything and I would have never thought of sharing it with my mother, let alone the world.

Maybe you’re wondering what kind of writer I am if you haven’t read any of my books. Well I would like to explain. I think every book I have written was sparked by something in my life. I write feelings, I think all my characters need some type of therapy and I love that. I always go for an ending that leaves the reader either: crying, laughing, screaming or having a nervous breakdown. I don’t believe in happy endings, somebody has to suffer or what good is there in me writing a story? Do you really want a cute little book all tied up in a cute little bow smothered in kittens? If you do then don’t look at me.

That’s not to say my characters aren’t happy. They are in their own dysfunctional ways. In their crazy beautiful worlds where maybe the loser is the winner and the beautiful girl is the most demented.

I like dark stories; I enjoy romance—although most times my idea of romance is surprising in my books. I move and dance to the beat of the character’s drums. And I love where that takes me in my writing. That’s the kind of books I like to read as well.

My writing is like a punch in the face with a hug afterwards or vice versa. If anything, I write for the enjoyment of writing and what moves me in the moment. This does change on a regular basis. Some days its Grim reapers, other days its magic and witches, and when I am feeling relaxed I write tales of love and life with no magic or paranormal at all.

Reading is one of the greatest things in life.

Thanks for your time and support!!


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