Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Holly Hood Promo Day #2 Part 1

The Goodreads group, MAKING CONNECTIONS, provided me with the opportunity to review three of Holly Hood’s novels and I fell in love with her books. So it with great pleasure I welcome her once again to Booked Up Reviews, this being her second visit here.

A few questions for you, Holly:

Why did you pick this genre as it is an interesting choice. What pulls you to it as a writing choice?
I picked this genre because to me it’s the best genre to pour all your emotions into your work. I like strong emotions in my writing.

Perfectly Hopeless is created in a contemporary setting, different from your others. Why did you choose to write this particular book?
I have always wanted to write a story about this topic. The idea you could love someone so much, but something could possibly take them away from you. It’s a scary thought and I think I wanted to see if I could do it justice.

How do you develop the characters? What is your process?
When I come up with an idea for a new book I always think of the two main characters. (Because there is always a girl or guy and a love interest in my books) I think they become their own person as I write and then by the second chapter I have an actual image of what they would look like and I just feel their personality. It’s almost magical. Sometimes I have my own idea for a character, what they will act like, but they go a different route altogether.

Your book Ink needs to be made into a recurring TV show. If it ever does, who you would you like to see play your main characters? Do you use recognizable faces and personalities when you conceptualize your characters and do you think that might help the writing process?
I love that you think that and thank you. I would love to see that happen with Ink. And if it did I already have it in my mind who Slade would be. All the characters actually, I always make a character page for my books so I can see the people I am writing about. It helps with descriptions sometimes.
Slade would be M. Shadows from Avenged Sevenfold. That is who I see when I think about Slade. As for Hope that is hard to say because I see a lot of people, maybe Ashley Rickards or even Dia Frampton from The Voice. I won’t say who I saw for every character I don’t want to ruin people’s images.

We have been given witches in Ink and an incubus in Killing of Rose. What paranormal entity do you think you might like to tackle next?
Sometimes I think about Vampires, but I am not sure if I could do it justice. I like to make things different and I think with Vampires it’s all been done. I would love to try ghost next. The idea they live amongst us, but not haunting us really living and humans are more an interference...

What is your writing process? Do you run full-tilt to the computer first thing in the morning and break for quick bites throughout the day or might you dictate your book into a recorder as you go about your day, transcribing it later? Are you the kind of writer who is guided by a musical muse or do you work in silence?
I write when I can. And I always write everyday when I am writing a book. I have taken a break recently to revamp an old book. But I don’t have an exact process, I just write when the mood hits. I try to map it out anymore and I always have to listen to music. I recently set up playlist for each book on YouTube so I can easily play music that works with the story I am writing.

Thank you so much Holly for spending the last two days with us.

Holly is giving away three copies of the following books Ink, Perfectly Hopeless and Love Hurts


Sheri said...

Great interview! I've just started reading Ink tonight :)

Fictional Candy said...

M. Shadows would be perfect for Slade <3 I just love Ink, definitely one of my favorite books!

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