Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Corporate Desires by Bridget Midway

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Fresh from her recent incarceration, Edna "Madame Z." Zulma wants a normal life. Unfortunately between her new boss and her parole officer, she's finding it hard to be plain ol' Edna. Throw in the very sexy office manager, Burton McCutcheon, and Edna is starting to think about the BDSM lifestyle again.

Burton's goal of staying focused as he tries to start his own business is affected as soon as Edna Zulma arrives. When he discovers her BDSM past, he decides to fulfill her fantasies...and his.

Reviewer: Fashionta
The book turned me off from the first page. Masturbation is okay but the way it was written in this book, combined with the element of BDSM, made it seem unrealistic. There is too much information at the start and continues throughout the book. The relationship is weird and annoying, yes a sub needs to submit to their Master but the extent they had going was crazy. Even before the main characters revealed themselves, you could see their indications of whether they were to be the Dom or the sub.

I have to give two stars. It was way too long and the length put me off. Sometimes to create an amazing story this length is needed, but this story wasn’t one of them

Publisher: Phaze
Review Courtesy Of: ManicReaders


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Hi Fashionta!

I am your newest follower! I saw your post on goodreads and joined your blog. Glad I did because I absolutely LOVE erotic romance! Lately I have been in Young Adult world because of review obligations, but I plan to clear my calendar soon so I can read some of my adult books :)

I'll definitely be back to keep an eye on your blog for more book recommendations :)

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