Thursday, March 29, 2012

Someone Special by TC Blue

Gracen loves Christmas. It's his favorite time of the year. So much so that he works as a mall photographer for the season, taking pictures of children with Santa. There's something about seeing all those happy families that he finds satisfying, which may be slightly odd since he's so very alone, himself.

Working three jobs is never fun, but when Jesse takes a part time position as a greeter elf at Santa's Workshop in the mall, he meets Gracen and realizes that maybe job number three isn't that bad, after all. The handsome photographer appeals to him, even with all Jesse's family issues.

Two lonely men, one Santa's Workshop, elf costumes, curl-toed shoes and a camera. They aren't exactly a recipe for finding that someone special… except maybe they are.

Reviewer: CitrusFruit
This is about that Someone Special that each one of us is waiting for; it's also about chosen not inherited families. This is a nice storyline, although I got lost sometimes when each chapter started; it was a bit confusing, whether it was Jesse’s or Gracen’s thoughts at that moment.

It was emotionally charged with Jesse not knowing if he's going to inherit his mother’s illness but the ending was nice, a bit cheesy but nevertheless nice for a Christmas story, because Christmas is the time of miracles and Jesse got his miracle this year. I would give it 3 stars.

Publisher: Torquere Press
Review Courtesy Of: ManicReaders


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