Friday, March 9, 2012

Bound by Amanda M. Holt

Ana is a tribal woman in a post-apocalyptic era enjoying a swim after a long day’s hunt when she’s interrupted by a golden haired stranger willing to barter jewels in exchange for sex – a custom encouraged by her clan. The appeal of material gain is second only to the temptation of his unusual bone white flesh, strong masculine frame, and blazing emerald gaze. Seeing one of the ghosts of the jungle with her own eyes, does she dare act on her desires? Did she dare barter-mate with this alluring man?

Byron, a fertility researcher, sees the specimen he has spent an entire career trying to isolate and capture on an Earth that is a barren wasteland. Untouched by the plague of the fallen cities, she has a body made for childbearing and the promise of fertility in her blood, the rare and pure blood of the all-female Watabi clan.

Having found her, Byron lures her in with bits of colored glass and the façade of a fair trade. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to save the human race, even if it means taking Ana into captivity! As a warrior woman of the last great wilderness he knows she will not go willingly, so she will have to be … BOUND!

Reviewer: QueenBee
I've never hated a story so much. I normally I like the short stories that New Concept produces but this one left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Bound is a Post-Apocalyptic Lust story. It has enough information to satisfy me but the way they treat the female character in the book and choices she made put me off.

In this book the humans who have survived have formed into tribes with their own languages and the female character is part of tribe called Watabi which is women only. They have an agreement with a neighbouring tribe called Tanago for sexual needs and reproducing. Which Anya doesn’t like, so she takes a toxic plant to prevent her getting pregnant. That's the first thing I found wrong with this book. The second thing was the guy she meets from a different tribe. They agree to have sex but at the end he captures her and takes her away because he knows that she's highly fertile but doesn’t know if she's taken the plant. I have to give this book 2.5 stars.

Publisher: New Concepts Publishing


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