Monday, March 12, 2012

Author Interview #2 Stephanie Haefner

Hi Stephanie thanks for stopping by.
Thank you so much for having me!

You've only been published for two years and already I've been hearing rave reviews from chick-lit lovers. How does it you make your feel as an author?
In one word, AWESOME! I think most of us writers are a pretty insecure bunch. Months, years spent pouring one’s soul onto a page, only to send it out into the world and hope someone likes it, gets it, loves it like you do.

Who inspired you to write chic-lit, it’s not run of the mill stuff.
I’m not sure if there really is one person in particular. I’ve always loved reading chick lit, way before I ever dreamed of writing my own book. I love stories of smart, sassy women, a little humor, a little love, a little lust. I love reading about characters that I want to be friends with. And I love a coming of age story, even if the story is about a grown woman. So when an idea sparked in my head, naturally, it was funny, and sassy, dramatic, romantic. I adore Emily Giffin and Ann Brashares. I read a lot of Judy Blume when I was a kid, too.

Your newest book Karma Kameleon revisits Lexi and her new age family and once again there is craziness. Will we ever see Lexi not doing something that she will regret or land her into trouble?
LOL! That is just not in Lexi’s nature! She’s a feisty woman who is ferocious when it comes to the love she has for her family and friends. She will do anything to protect them…and most times that includes some wacky things. In this book, one of her biggest problems comes from being torn between two of the men she loves. Not an easy place for Lexi to be.

I must ask will we see Andy and Amanda's story and for that matter what about Paul and Shelia's?
Funny you should ask that…… I have started plotting some novellas based on those couples. And I can possibly see Andy and Amanda’s becoming a full-length novel.

What the next for Karma as she took more of step back in this book but it didn’t stop Lexi thinking about her.
Karma does take a back seat in this book…but you’re right..she is always there. Lexi has grown and doesn’t really need Karma in her face constantly. But several times she falls back into crazy Lexi behaviour and needs the reminder!

Thanks for letting us interview you.

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Stephanie said...

Thanks so much for having me!! I really enjoyed it!!

Alison Stone said...

Nice interview, Stephanie. Always fun to learn new things about authors.

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