Thursday, March 29, 2012

Starfire: Kingdom on the Edge of Forever by P K Brent

Danizar is a young, halfbreed beauty, -- illegitimate daughter of the late Roran King and the Valent woman Eluna. She has the self-discipline of a Roran and the unique gifts of the Valent, an ancient wisdom race. Because of her mixed heritage, Danizar is an outsider to both the Valent and Roran cultures, which are distant and strange to each other. Yet it falls to her, to convince the Roran that the threat of the Zunit insect race is real, and to convince the Valent that they must work with the Roran if they are to win against the Zunit. If Danizar fails, the galaxy will be lost.

Reviewer: Dolce Amore
This book is about Danizer, a beautiful young woman who is the daughter of noble Valent and king Roran. Hated in the both worlds, she's had a difficult childhood, especially because Roran tried to kill or control her all her life. And now, on their last attempt, they are using the Planetary Coalition; I never understand what it was exactly because the writer doesn’t explain the term.

What happens next is the race to catch her, which was quite boring; you also can find a lot of expressions, actions, and technology from our days… but the story is set in the future and the main characters are not from Earth.

Danizer was trying to find proof of the existence of the Zunit, an evil race of intelligent insects. With it she wants to unite all the humanoid races so they could protect that side of the universe.

Like I said before, there were terms with no explanation; descriptions where there shouldn’t be, which made the story even more boring. I give it just 2.5 stars.

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