Sunday, March 11, 2012

Unmasked (Masked 2) by Lissa Matthews

Pleasure, confessions, and cravings so strong lead to an inevitable confrontation when the mask comes off and Bobby’s real identity is revealed in Unmasked.

With his mask secured in place, Bobby enters Abyss with a single purpose, a single desire. Thor. It’s been a busy week and he’s so anxious to see the dominant again, he doesn’t even take the time to head home and change into more appropriate fetish club attire. He hasn’t been able to shake the lust and memories of how it felt to be under Thor’s hands, to surrender to his need for a man, for Thor, and it drives Bobby to the one thing, the one place he knows he can find fulfillment.

Thor doesn’t flog men, at least not in public, but the undeniable attraction and need he feels the moment he spots Bobby, dressed more for a business meeting than a night out with lifestylers, compels him to make an exception that will change everything he’s known and everything everyone has thought about him.

Nervous and stripped of his shirt, Bobby is strapped to a St. Andrews Cross, surrendering to the pleasure that is Thor with a flogger. Thor’s whispered words of need and encouragement strengthen Bobby’s resolve that tonight is the night he must remove the mask and reveal his identity, that tonight he must reveal his longing for more than one night, once a week club meetings.

Will Thor still want him? There’s only one way to find out...

Unmasked is the second story in Lissa Matthews’ series about the developing relationship between submissive Bobby and dominant Thor

Reviewer: WhiteDaisy
Bobby is a well known lawyer and a womanizer, but the truth is hidden under the Mask, as his heart wishes for a man touch. And not for any man but for one man, Thor, who is well a known dominant and flogger at club Abyss. Only the deep longing for Thor gives Bobby the push he needs to reveal his secret to Thor.

The question is will Thor want Bobby after his secret comes to the light. And Bobby wasn't the only one with a secret, Thor had his own too.

Overall, I liked this second short book. The end came to soon, and left me wanting to read more. I'm giving this book 3 stars.

Review Courtesy Of: ManicReaders


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