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A Delightful Arrangement (The Gentlemen Next Door 1) by Cecilia Gray

Phillip has a duty to marry Francesca. He has always protected his former neighbor and childhood companion, and now that she is of marriageable age, he will give her what she needs most - a real home where she is welcome and wanted.

Unfortunately for him....she is done with being dutiful.

After years of being an obedient daughter to a hateful father, Francesca jumps into her first Season. Francesca is ready to dance every dance, flirt with every bachelor and snatch what she wants most - a man she loves who will make her swoon.

Unfortunately for her...he now sees making her swoon as his duty, too.

And Phillip takes his duties very seriously.

Reviewer: Dolce Amore
Lady Francesca Warrington wants a Season, but her father, who always disliked her, tells her that she has to marry Phillip, her best friend. It’s not that she doesn’t like him, she does, he is her best friend from childhood, but she wants romance… And when Phillip agrees the wedding plan, her reaction is:
“You cannot be serious. You? Married? To me?”
Phillip smiled, his blue eyes twinkling under black, sooty lashes. “I am serious, Franny. I’m twenty-four years of age and have an earldom to consider. It’s the sensible thing to do. For both of us.”
Here he was, acting as if it were natural that they marry. Both families were in agreement. Perhaps something about her turn of mind was wrong. Perhaps her wits were addled.
However, there is something strange in the feelings she starts to have for him:
As the words rolled off his tongue, a shiver tickled the back of her neck. It was the oddest feeling, but decidedly pleasant. She couldn’t help the arch of her back, the tip of her head as the shiver made its way down her spine.
But she tries to deny her feelings, announcing that:
I want the beautiful gowns. I want to dance all night at glamorous balls. I want to flirt with devastatingly handsome men… I’ve always wanted to swoon. At least once.
So they make a deal: if she finds a man who makes her swoon, he will cry off at the wedding. However, things start to change… starting with their first kiss:
They were surprisingly soft and shockingly warm. The shivers were back, drizzling down her spine. He drew her lower lip into his mouth. A jolt of warmth shot straight to her toes but then, oh then his tongue feathered against her lips and she felt as though her whole body radiated pleasure.
And when they marry, they have to decide if they will confess what their feelings for each other or deny them.

For historical romance’s lovers, this is a wonderful and short story. The story is credible, and you will enjoy what Philip and Fanny do in order of denying their feelings. The only thing I could say against it is that I didn’t feel enough of a connection with the characters. So I’ll give it 4.5 stars.

Publisher: The Alpha Division, LLC


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