Thursday, April 26, 2012

Kindred Hearts by Rowan Speedwell

Charming rascal Tristan Northwood seems to have it all: an ancient name, a noble inheritance, a lovely wife, and a son he adores. Women love him, men admire him, and it seems there is nothing he can’t do, whether it’s seducing a society wife or winning a carriage race. Little does Society suspect that the name means nothing to him, the fortune is in his father’s controlling hands, and he has no interest in his wife except a very distant friendship. Society bores him, and he takes dares because he only feels alive when he’s dancing on the edge... until his wife’s brother comes home from the wars.

Decorated war hero Major Charles Mountjoy jerks Tris out of his despair by inspiring feelings of passion Tris had never suspected himself capable of. Almost as terrifying as those feelings for Charles are the signs Charles might return his affection—or, even worse, that Charles sees the man Tristan has been trying so valiantly to hide from the world.

Reviewer: BlackTulip
Well, I will simply say that this is how every m/m Historical romance should be ... what a treat!

How many times have I thought or said in my reviews that there was definitely a lack of background, well in this book there is no such thing!

The wealth of details, the observation of the human mind, and its reaction when faced with very specific situations give much depth to the story and seem utterly genuine. Page after page you are given a piece of the puzzle of life and all you have to do is go with the flow. And at the end, you have a story where nothing is missing.

The three main characters are wonderful, strong, and flawed enough to make them completely likable. The beauty of this book is that we get to know the main protagonist, Tristan, when he is very young. We are sharing all the suffering and the unhappiness of the boy and then all the frustration, the boredom, and the despair of the young man!

Against all odds, the marriage of convenience arranged by his father is a success. There is a real friendship that develops between his wife and himself. Lottie is a good woman who has not a romantic bone in her body. Charles, her twin brother who is a soldier, has inherited all of it! At one time Tristan thought that his marriage could maybe bring him something else, something more but even friendship and a son, whom he loves dearly, are not enough. He is still miserable and depressed and each night he drinks until oblivion to forget this frightening void.

He seems so lost and powerless. There is a sentence in the book that says it all :
He's walking through life, not living it.
It is beautifully said, so true but also so sad.

Charles enters Tristan's life when he is on the edge of despair. But as soon as he sees Charles he knows he is lost. Charles is the trigger for something even worse ... But you often have to go through the worst to achieve the better. And when you have found your other half everything is possible...

The description of Waterloo's aftermaths is gripping and so terribly vivid and gruesome, I still shudder thinking back!

This is a wonderful story about love and passion between two kindred souls. It is such an exceptionable and inspiring novel, I highly recommend it and give 5/5.

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! I'm so glad you liked the book, and this is a lovely and generous review! :D

Anonymous said...

It is I who thank you because you made me spend a wonderful time !!!

Jo K said...

I basically agree with everything you've said. I loved this book! Great review!

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