Friday, April 6, 2012

Magic In The Storm by Meredith Bond

Morgan Vallentyne is trapped. A direct descendent of Morgan le Fey, he knows he is destined for greatness — but cannot access the magical abilities that should be his. When he learns that he has only one month to achieve his full powers, he begins to lose hope. But after a violent storm throws a beautiful girl into his path, the magic begins.

Adriana Hayden is desperate to be free. Born to paint the natural world with unprecedented passion and vision, she is fenced in by the conventions of 19th century English society. But after meeting the handsome and mysterious Morgan, her world begins to open to enchanted possibilities she could never have imagined.

Brought together by the forces of nature, their love is fanned by the winds of fate. The only way to fulfill their destinies is for each to unlock the powers of the other — through the magical tempest of their passions.

Reviewer: Fashionta
This book has one of the better paranormal twists in a historical novel that I have seen in a while. I’m more used to time travel or something else. The story revolves around this family called Vallentyn. Now they aren’t your everyday 1815 rich family. They’re powerful Vallen, each of them with gift of magic and different levels of power.
The heroine of this book, Adrianna is being set up by her guardian, her cousin Lord Devaux to marry the oldest son of the Valentyn clan Lord Valentyn, who mother’s want him to go into politics and wield greater power. However, there's a twist to this, Lady Valentyn is the high priestess of Vallen and she wields some serious power.

But this wouldn’t be a true paranormal book if we didn’t have twists and turns and a prophecy that needs to be fulfilled. Lady Valentyn is the seventh daughter and her seventh daughter is supposed to wield great power, even more then her.

Sounds like an interesting plot right, I won’t reveal the exact powers of the characters but it’s an interesting mix. The book is very detailed and pretty easy to forget you aren’t reading one of the more popular modern paranormal romance authors. This book should be put on people's to be read list. It's a fantastic paranormal read and if aren’t fan of historical, ignore it for this book please. It was pleasure to read this book, it's a true paranormal romance book, and I must admit I’m losing faith in some sub genres of paranormal and this book is perfect example of what a paranormal romance should. I have to give this book 4 stars.

Publisher: Anessa Books


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