Sunday, April 15, 2012

Taming Olivia (Terra-form 02) by Becca Van

Olivia Hammond finds herself on an alternate reality to Earth called Terra-form, where she finds her missing best friend April Waterson.

Cedric and Hugh Kiath are panther shifters who claim to be her mates. Olivia wants nothing to do with them and uses her sharp tongue to keep them at arm's length. After trying to find her way back home, Olivia gets lost and must be rescued by Cedric and Hugh.

The shifters eventually claim Olivia, but a wrench is thrown in the works when another male claims to be her mate.

Just when things look to be working out, Olivia is kidnapped by a strange bear shifter. Will her mates rescue her in time? And if they do, will Olivia be able to open her heart to her men?

Reviewer: Fashionta
After reading the first book in the series, I was waiting to read the second book which we got a glimpse of in the first book. This book was much better and I was glad I chose to read this book after the first book turned out to be average read. We got a more interesting storyline and once again we re-visted past characters as the author set the story for possible future characters. And yes we did explore more of the world of Terra-form and how it fit in with the universe, which I was hoping to see.

I have to give this book four stars. This author should have started off this series with this kind of writing to draw in the readers. I liked to see things explained in the first book rather than later in the series as it gets confusing as the new details threw me off.

Publisher: Siren-BookStrand, Inc.


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